Patience pays off

Girls golf starts season strong


Alonzo Hopkins and Emma Curry

The girls’ Concord golf team has been around since around the 1980s and has helped make Concord athletics as a whole more successful. The main golf team consists of five team members: junior Faith Moore, sophomore Sidney Marshall, and fearless freshmen Maddy Oakley, Grace Thorrez, and Hanna Stimer.  The golf team is currently in third place for this season.

The main star of the golf team is Moore who has played for three years. Moore shared that playing golf, “can be challenging some days, but I’ve never regretted it”. Golf requires patience, having eye and hand coordination as well as focus, and lots of practice to succeed. Players also agree that golf can be stressful like when they try to knock that ball in the hole but it won’t go in because they’re not swinging that hard or they’re swinging too hard and the ball can go somewhere else entirely.   Moore also shares that her “dad inspired [her] to play.”  She also gave a good description about being a team with integrity: “I expect that even if we don’t do our best, we always 

Stimer reads the break of her putt at Concord Hills.

support one another, never think badly of others, and not treat anyone horribly. We just need to have good sportsmanship no matter the score.”

Freshman Hanna Stimer also insists that “patience” is a necessary part of the game, making golf a physical sport as well as a mental one.  Stimer and Moore have explained that they both love golf even though it can be hard. Stimer describes a typical day at golf as, “at practice, we usually putt for a while before going out on the range.” “30-40 mins just putting and chipping. If we are in a match we leave here 30 mins early then get done 2 hours later.” Being involved in two sports, Stimer adds, “ It can be challenging because I have to balance it out with golf and volleyball, then I have homework”.

The Concord golf team has Mr. Lehman and Mr. Bauman as their coaches. Mr. Lehman has been golfing since around the age of 17. He started coaching golf 2-3 years ago and has been helping the team become better at the game.

As golf coach Mr.Lehman says, “It’s a great group of girls, and they’re fun to be around.”  The golf team is a group of hard workers who also strive to be great people as well.