Lady Jackets dedicated to improvement this season

Savanna Gamet, Staff Writer

If you have never been to a Concord High School volleyball game, you are immensely missing out. There is so much action going on when watching these two teams play. It’s inspiring to see the obvious dedication in their facial expressions with each new challenge on the court. The dynamic duo of the Lehmans coaching the Varsity and Junior varsity teams makes it feel more like family than ever before. 

With a late start to the season, the varsity girls are progressing left and right.  Varsity player Hadley Kettwich (setter) started off the season with a huge injury, but with practice, her offense is getting smoother. Each day the girls are reaching so much growth and approaching their true identities. When they reach their full potential, we will definitely be seeing so much from these Lady Jackets.

When talking about overall goals for this season, the team is looking at not only staying healthy but also possibly heading on to districts and finishing the top three in the conference. Varsity player Karlee Gamet is doing outstanding work with leader defense. Jayden Householder is improving every day as well.

Rylee Weeks ( varsity right side) explains how “this season has been difficult with losing three girls on the team back to back to having covid exposures, on the bright side this season has brought us closer and made us better friends with each other.”

Varsity coach Kathy Lehman voices that,¨ Volleyball is one of the safest feeling sports to be involved in. It gives you a powerful feeling and love for the sport¨. With a broad background of her own, playing volleyball in high school, she also says, ¨the team bond never leaves and you will stay friends forever.¨

The varsity team isn’t the only team that is kicking off this season notably.  The junior varsity team is making a comeback and not letting anyone get in their way. With tough matches and some losses, they surely always hop back on their feet and have great perseverance. Maria Stevens definitely knows how to end a game with lots of kills, and Hannah Stimer knows how to keep the other team from taking a win with her ¨digs n defense¨.

JV setter  Zoe Schultz describes that “this season has gradually gotten better with communicating within the team and positively being more verbal. Maria Stevens has had many improvements with her hits compared to last season; she is overall an all-around great player.”

Make time to see the Lady Jackets play this season; you will not be disappointed.