Student Spotlight: Hannah Jordan

Forensics expert in the making


Rylee Sinden, Staff Writer

Most CHS students spend their summers working jobs, babysitting younger siblings, or going on family trips.  Some students pursue future career opportunities. Over the summer, junior Hannah Jordan went to a forensics camp in Washington DC.  She was there for nine days.  Hannah explains that forensics is “The science side of solving crimes.” 

While she was there they worked on a mock murder and trial. Hannah said she learned how to do so many different things including ballistics, finger print analysis, how to log evidence, how to take crime scene photos, trace evidence, and so much more.  When asked how she became interested in going to this camp, she responded “I have kind of been interested in forensic sciences for a while and once I got the invite, I was like why not?”  

This camp could help Hannah with her future career path as a forensic chemist.  She describes her trip as very interesting and an amazing experience.  While she was at the camp, they also went on field trips.  These included the International Spy Museum, Georgetown University, The Smithsonian, and the DEA Museum.  

Being brave enough to travel to DC ended up being a life changing experience for Hannah. So next summer, consider taking a risk and look into future career opportunities.