Senior goal setting at CHS


Emma Marshall, Staff Writer

Here at Concord High School, home of the Yellowjackets, we have many amazing students and staff who were asked about senior goal setting. 

Ms. Otto our counselor was asked, “What are your biggest goals for the seniors?” She responded, “ For them all to graduate and to have a plan for after high school.”  She was also asked, “What is your process for getting students ready for college?” She answered, “Helping them find their pathways and applying to colleges that match them as an individual”.  Obviously, Mrs. Otto is excited about helping everyone plan for their future.

She is hosting a FASFA night on Wednesday, October 6th in the Media Center and encourages all seniors to attend with their families.

Next, the College Career Advisor here at Concord, Tevin Mojume, was also interviewed.  Mojume is in his first year advising, but he shared his favorite part of helping seniors.  He states, “that AHA moment when you help them 

realize that they can do it.” Next, he was asked, “How do you know what college will be right for the student?” He answered, “It depends on what program they want to be in, also depends on if they want to stay in-state or go out of state for college.”  We are excited to have Mojume on board to support our seniors.

 Lastly, two seniors were interviewed, both of whom have different post-secondary goals. Jamiya Rogers and Isabelle Stanley gave some honest answers. First, they were asked, “How do you like being a senior here at CHS?” They both agreed that it is welcoming but also very very stressful. Next, they were asked, “What is your plan to graduate?” They said to pass all of their classes and to get all the credits they need. 

Lastly, they were asked, “What is your plan after graduation?” Rogers answered, “I want to go to Jackson College for 2 years then transfer to MSU to become a veterinarian.” While Stanley responded, “I want to go to LCC to get my degree to become a translator.”  

So as you can see the students here at CHS have bright futures ahead of them and all the staff are here to help them follow their dreams and get through high school and onto college.