• State track meet June 1st. Good luck to all our athletes.
  • District baseball and softball games at CHS on 5/31.
  • Food trucks coming out on May 30th for the Maymester.
  • Exams are on June 3rd through the 6th.
  • June 6th, the last day of school, is a 1/2 day.
  • Are you signed up for summer school?
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Softball: Senior Night
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Concord A.D. receives honor

Honoring our amazing athletic director, Mr. Lehman!
Rylee Sinden
Athletic Director of the Year, Mr. Lehman!

Concord High School is home to an amazing athletic director: Mr. Matt Lehman. This year, he received the very well-earned award of Region Six Athletic Administrator of the Year. 

Lehman graduated in 1985 from Whittemore-Prescott High School. In school, he explains that he tried many different sports: “I played two years of football, four years of basketball, and my freshman year I played tennis. During my sophomore year, our school ran out of funding and had to shut down spring sports for the year. In my junior year I played baseball, and during my senior year, I ran track,” Lehman shares. He shares which was his favorite sport. “I was pretty good at baseball and pretty fast during track. I wish I had stayed with track. But basketball was my love and passion.”

After high school, he earned higher levels of education. Lehman shares, ”I got my bachelor’s from Central, my master’s from Spring Arbor University, and my path to leadership through the MHSS Pay which allowed me to be able to become a principal for a little bit.” 

Lehman wasn’t always planning on being an athletic director, but he is glad that he took this path. Lehman shares what his previous plans when he was a collegiate student: “When I first started at Central Michigan University, I was planning to go into sports broadcasting. Central has one of the best sports broadcasting programs in the nation. Dick Enberg was one of the greatest sports announcers of all time and he was a CMU alumni. I got there, and I’m not exactly sure why I switched. However, I ended up going into physical education and business-teacher education, which worked with computers. At the time, computers were not that prevalent, but that was the pathway for me to get into computers.”

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After receiving this well-deserved award, he explains how he felt about receiving it. “I think overall we have had a lot of success here in sports. If you have good coaches and kids, then your school stands out. I feel that that is what it comes down to. It’s not really about me, it’s because we have such great coaches and kids. We live up to the “small school big opportunities.” That is truly what we represent and what we look like from the outside.”

Every job has difficult parts. Lehman shares that. “The hardest thing about my job is being able to handle a lot of different things coming at you at the same time. You have to be able to manage that. Volunteers helping at sporting events are not as common anymore. When I first started, it was a lot easier to find people to help at sporting events, but it seems harder and harder to find people who want to help. I don’t know what I would do without James, Mr. Reiniche, Chrissy Gill, and students willing to help.”

Sports are a major part of Lehman’s life, and when asked what his least favorite sport is, he explains, “I think that sports all have one common goal if you look deep into them, so I don’t have al east favorite. For example, I was never much involved in wrestling. Then, one year we hosted the individual districts and it was incredible to watch. From that, I learned that competition is competition. When you see two good teams going at it, it doesn’t matter what the sport is. But, when you see two teams battling; it’s fun. One of the greatest sporting events I have ever witnessed was in track. It was in 2014, and we were at the State Track Finals. We had a runner named Nolan Brightmitchell who was Mr. Track and Field in the state of Michigan. We were down by a lot in the 4×200 relay. He took the baton and won it. It was goosebumps awesome.”

Our school has many good sports programs here. He explains that there is one more he hopes to add to the list: “I am intrigued by the idea of starting a cornhole club here. I think cornhole could be a Michigan High School Athletic Association sport at some point. There are so many different and creative ways to play. Something I think about often is the future of sports.”

Lehman is a bucket list guy and explains what sporting events he wants to attend in his lifetime, and who he would take with him. “I would go with my son Brett. Brett and I have the same mindset when it comes to these things. We are going to the NFL Draft this year in Detroit, which is something on our bucket list. There are a few other sports-related places I would like to visit. I want to go to Cooperstown, New York to see the Baseball Hall of Fame and Springfield, Massachusetts to visit the Basketball Hall of Fame. We have been to Canton to see the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I would like to go to the Super Bowl someday. I like to be able to go on trips and experience these things.”

His wife, Kathy Lehman is Concord’s Varsity Volleyball coach. She has had many successes during her coaching career. Because of this, she works with Lehman and shares, “I am so proud of the recognition that Matt has received in this award.  He goes above and beyond for our athletes, school, and community. He hosts districts and regionals in all sports because the state knows he will put on a great contest.  Matt makes sure all programs are treated fairly and if there is a need in a program – he finds a way to make it happen!!”

Chrissy Gill volunteers at many sporting events and shares what it is like working with him:“I have been working with Matt the past five years with concessions, ticket taking and volunteering at various sporting events. There is so much that goes into these events that I think a lot of people don’t realize. From organizing the event, getting workers & referees, ordering and picking up supplies, arriving way before the event and staying after  the event and so much more. Matt is a hoot to work with, and I am so glad I have been given the opportunity to do so. He definitely deserves receiving Region 6 Athletic Director of the Year. Thank you for all you do for Concord schools!”

Mr. Reiniche, has worked with Lehman for a long time, and shares, “I have known Mr. Lehman for almost 30 years and, having coached and volunteered under his tutelage, I am continually impressed at the way he supports and strives to improve Concord Athletics, at every grade level. He is a passionate fan of EVERY Concord athlete. I am honored to call him a friend, colleague, and fellow Yellow Jacket!”

Lehman owes parts of his success to his mom, he shares. “My mom is the most inspiring person in my life. My dad died when I was six years old, and all of my brothers were older. So, it was just her and I growing up. She just expected that we were all going to make it for ourselves. She gave us love when we needed love and discipline when we needed discipline.”

Concord is so proud to Call Matt Lehman our own. We are so proud of all of his accomplishments! Thank you Mr. Lehman!

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