• Quarter four has officially begun, don't get behind at the start.
  • TESTING WEEK! Keep a positive attitude and try your best! You've got this!
  • Today is Eclipse Day! Protect your eyes with eclipse glasses.
  • Good luck to all our track athletes today!
  • Boys JV baseball plays Bronson on Monday.
  • Varsity Baseball and Softball will play at home on Tuesday vs. Bronson. Golf will be at the Quincy Jamboree, and then in Hillsdale on Wednesday.
  • Thursday baseball and softball take on Columbia Central at home.
  • Saturday will be a round robin tourney at CHS for both baseball and softball!
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Concords boys and girls track team warming up before the meet
It's officially track season
Savanna Payne, Staff Writer • April 11, 2024

It's officially track season! The season started off with a scrimmage on Monday at home. Concord High School’s track team faced Springport...

The Juniors posing in front of JCC
Junior College Tour Trip
Riley Aiken, Staff Writer • April 9, 2024

Concord has offered the Junior class an opportunity to take a day and walk around SAU and JCC. This trip gave students the first step to picking...

Robotic Competition: A Successful Challenge for 5205, CHS Full Metal Jackets
Robotic Competition: A Successful Challenge for 5205, CHS Full Metal Jackets
Lucy Otto, Staff Writer • April 8, 2024

Concord’s robotics team CHS Full Metal Jackets had completely redesigned and fixed their robot for competition less than two  weeks after...

Concord High School’s 2024 Snowcoming Pep Assembly

Jenell Alvarez
Senior class participating in tug-o-war

On Friday, Concord High School held their annual Snowcoming, and to kick things off, it started with an incredibly enjoyable pep assembly put on by our Student Council. The week of Snowcoming is always filled with activities that help induce school spirit such as dress-up days, seminar games, and banner building. These activities are made competitive and help each graduation class gain spirit points throughout the week. The pep assembly is the last opportunity for each class to gain as many points as possible.

At the start of the assembly, court members were called out and given the opportunity to choose a song to walk out to. A few senior court members even performed short skits as they walked out.

Aidan Grady and Paige Morris showing good sportsmanship after the hula hoop contest (Savanna Payne)

Next up were the competitions. The first competition that was held was the classic hula hoop contest. For this activity, each class had two representatives who all went head to head to see who could hula hoop the longest. The two remaining hula hoopers were senior Aidan Grandy and junior Paige Morris. Both contestants happened to also be the two remaining hula hoopers during the Homecoming pep assembly, but this time Morris got her revenge and beat Grandy.

After the hula hoop contest, came the finish the lyric game. This game was new this year and consisted of three members from each class racing to a microphone to finish a song’s lyrics after the music was stopped. Sophomores ended up winning this game, and sophomore Maddox Hutchinson was one of the participants. When asked about the game Hutchinson said, “It was a very competitive game, which made it very fun, and it was great to see everyone enjoying the music.”

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Maddox Hutchinson finishing the lyrics (Savanna Payne)

Up next was the extremely competitive game of Tug-o-war. For this game, each class grouped together five boys and five girls to all compete to see which ten were the strongest together. Senior Austin Bradley was a strong asset to the senior team and he comments on the game, “Our senior class has been undefeated in tug-o-war through all of our pep assemblies so I was nervous for our final tug-o-war. We were also missing some of our strongest members which made me even more nervous but seniors ended up taking the dub.”

Continuing on was a 3-point relay. For this competition, one person from each class was needed. The game started on one end of the gym where contestants had to spin around a baseball bat 10 times; they then had to race to put on a basketball jersey and shorts. Once they got to the other end of the gym, they were challenged with having to shoot and make a 3-point shot. After a hilarious series of events, Sophomores took the win and freshmen came in a close second.

The last game that was held was Gladiator. This game almost got taken off the list this year, but after the student body voted to keep it on, it remained. For Gladiator each class needed eight volunteers to run across the gym without getting hit by any of the yoga balls or dodgeballs that were being aimed at them. Freshmen and seniors ran first, while juniors and sophomores aimed for them. It came down to one freshman and one senior, but freshman Eli Krieger carried out the win. Next, the sophomores and juniors ran, while the seniors and freshmen threw. The juniors ended up winning, which led to the juniors and freshmen going head to head in the final round. After a miscommunication, both classes ended up tying. Freshman Kristen Parker was an observer of the game, and she says, “I enjoyed watching this game the most because a lot of people participated which made it interesting to watch. I also thought it was funny because my sister participated in this game and got hit by a dodgeball, which made her face-plant.”

Sophomores avoiding getting hit in Gladiator (Savanna Payne)

Finally, the pep assembly competitions were wrapped up with the Battle Cry. The competitive cheer team helped lead each class in their battle cry, while staff members listened and judged the classes based on the loudest, proudest, and best battle cry. Freshmen went first and then the sophomores. Next were the juniors, and then finally the seniors. With four years of experience, the seniors took the win and were even asked to do it again to show the other classes how it should be done.

Varsity Basketball coach Marcus Gill and his team wrapped up the pep assembly by introducing themselves and asking for everyone to come to the Snowcoming game later that night and show their love and support.

Thank you to all who helped with this pep assembly and a special thanks to our student council for working so hard to make this week enjoyable and memorable.

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Savanna Payne, Staff Writer
Savanna Payne is an outgoing senior here at Concord High School. During her free time, she enjoys attending sporting events, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and taking naps. She is a leader in the student council and loves being involved. Something she is passionate about is having a successful future.
Jenell Alvarez, Staff Writer
Jenell Alvarez is funny,  an omnivert and loves to go out anywhere, especially to the beach. She is a second year sideline cheerleader, who enjoys coconuts, music--especially Bad Bunny, working out, and being with friends. She has the sassiest personality partly because she was raised in Miami, Florida.

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