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January Students of the Month

Riley Aiken
January Students of the Month

The New Year is here at last and with it comes January’s students of the month. The disheveled start to January has lowered spirits, with the constant snow days and pushed back quarter everything seems a little gray. Thankfully the students of January are here to boost spirits and bring back the color. Here is a little insight to all four of them. 

First up is freshman Avery Arbuckle. Some of Arbuckle’s hobbies consist of “sports like Volleyball, Basketball, Track, and Softball, also showing and raising animals like pigs, cattle, horses, and goats.” Arbuckle remains motivated through: “The challenge of completing my goal whether it’s winning a basketball game or winning a show; I love the challenge.” When asked what she wants to do after high school Arbuckle responds, “I want to pursue a career in animal science and be a part of a livestock judging program, I also want to continue to raise livestock with my family.” Arbuckle’s goals for the next five years: “I plan on finishing high school at Concord and then going to Michigan State to enroll in their animal science and judging programs; Furthermore, I want to continue my showing career and hopefully get a lot more wins.”

Next up is sophomore Emma Williams. Williams has a multitude of hobbies such as, “coding, reading and making my cat happy.” The part of coding she enjoys is, “coding the website for the Robotics page;I sometimes like to observe the programmers on the team and how they code so I can get better at it.”  After being asked how she stays motivated Williams responds, “My future and who I want to be later in life keeps me motivated.” Family plays a rather active role in her motivation as well, she continues, “My family also keeps me fairly motivated; they are very supportive of me and  encourage me to do the best that I can do.” Williams proceeds to explain what she plans on doing after high school: “I want to attend Grand Valley State University to study wildlife biology and attain a bachelor’s degree.” Some of her goals for the next five years are, “keeping my grades up the rest of the semester and the next two years to achieve a GPA of at least 3.0, hopefully, attend GVSU and be there for four years to obtain my bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology, focus on myself and get my mental and physical health top tier, so I can be the happiest version of myself.”

For the Junior class is Mackenzie Russell. Her favorite hobbies are, “drawing, listening to music, horseback riding, and hanging out with friends.” Russell stays motivated through “having a good group of friends and looking forward to having good grades in my PowerSchool and knowing to be able to help others.” Russell’s goals for the next five years are, “to be financially stable with a good job, graduate from high school and be enrolled into college, and have the same good group of people I have.”

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Last but certainly not least is Gavin Morell for the senior class. Morell’s most enjoyed hobbies are, “gaming, working, kayaking, and hanging out with friends.” When being asked what keeps him motivated, Morell responds, “Overall, my goals and my family are what keep me motivated to succeed.” After high school Morell is “joining the United States Air Force; I’m going to go into the Security Forces which is a base defense/military police element.” Morell explains what the next five years will most likely look like: “My military contract will last four of those years, so it’s hard to say. But after I become an E-4 in the Air Force, my goal is to live in housing off-base rather than living out of a barracks.”

That concludes January’s students of the month. Congratulations to everyone and wish them a successful future!

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About the Contributor
Riley Aiken, Staff Writer
Riley Aiken, a Junior at Concord High School. He enjoys spending time outside as well as reading and drawing. His favorite pastimes are watching the clouds as well as the rain. He values the environment along with his two dogs, Dakota and Luna. In his past life, he grew old in a cabin deep in the woods of an unknown land.

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