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Should the Weight Room get an upgrade?

Riley Aiken
Bench set

The weight room here at Concord High School plays a significant part in the safety of our students and athletes. Changing the layout and adding additional equipment could benefit our sports teams.

Emma Sigman is a teacher here at CHS for both personalized fitness and health and fitness. She is also the cheerleading coach. Sigman thinks, “[W]e have a good variety of weightlifting equipment for our size school.” Sigman goes on to list how she would like to, “see more variety in cardio equipment, some other stuff like stability balls or yoga balls.”

Sigman also explains that, “If we had more stationary bikes or ellipticals, those could help with rehabilitation for people that were injured.”

Although Sigman teaches most of the health and fitness-related subjects, Jesse Buck also teaches a fitness class as well as coaches the softball team and JV football.

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Buck explains that he thinks, “[I]t’s current condition is probably the best it’s been in Concord history. I know the weight room is pretty advanced for the school’s size.” Buck continues, “We could definitely add some equipment to it.”

Buck expands on the pros to having more equipment variety because, “It would help those who are not knowledgeable on free weight training and allow them to get a good exercise in.”

Although there are plenty of pros to more equipment diversity, there are some limitations to it, budget being a core issue. Buck provides that, “There’s little to no room in the budget.”

Having feedback from teachers is one thing, but feedback from an athlete is just as important. Dustin Hamilton is a student-athlete here at CHS. He takes the weightlifting class, spends time working out after school, as well as plays baseball. Hamilton sees expanding the weight room’s equipment variety as, “necessary to make sure we as a team become better, stronger, faster, etc.” He explains his thoughts on equipment diversity helping prevent injuries, saying, “By making sure those muscle groups are strong, [we] could definitely help prevent future injuries.”

Another athlete here at CHS is Riley Adams. She a four-sport athlete as well as takes the weightlifting class. Since Adams has an extensive background in physical training she has a good grasp on what equipment would be best. Adams explains that she would like to see, ” [A] treadmill for when it’s cold outside for runners it could be a good way to get runs in when it gets pretty cold out.” She continues, “I honestly feel like a lot of people would use a treadmill because we have a lot of track athletes that could benefit from it; sprinters could even benefit from it due to the different speeds.”

Overall, expanding the weight room equipment has its pros and cons. Whether the equipment becomes more diverse or not, the weight room still has plenty of equipment for a multitude of workouts.

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Riley Aiken
Riley Aiken, Staff Writer
Riley Aiken, a Junior at Concord High School. He enjoys spending time outside as well as reading and drawing. His favorite pastimes are watching the clouds as well as the rain. He values the environment along with his two dogs, Dakota and Luna. In his past life, he grew old in a cabin deep in the woods of an unknown land.

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