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  • Good luck to all our track athletes today!
  • Boys JV baseball plays Bronson on Monday.
  • Varsity Baseball and Softball will play at home on Tuesday vs. Bronson. Golf will be at the Quincy Jamboree, and then in Hillsdale on Wednesday.
  • Thursday baseball and softball take on Columbia Central at home.
  • Saturday will be a round robin tourney at CHS for both baseball and softball!
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Concords boys and girls track team warming up before the meet
It's officially track season
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The Juniors posing in front of JCC
Junior College Tour Trip
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Robotic Competition: A Successful Challenge for 5205, CHS Full Metal Jackets
Robotic Competition: A Successful Challenge for 5205, CHS Full Metal Jackets
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Concord’s robotics team CHS Full Metal Jackets had completely redesigned and fixed their robot for competition less than two  weeks after...

Practicing safe driving at Concord Schools

The Concord Chronicle
Landen Lynn partaking in the distracted driving simulator.

This Wednesday, the International Save A Life Tour visited Concord High School. The International Save A Life Tour is an organization sponsored by the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Transportation Improvement Association. The tour teaches students about the risks of driving while impaired or distracted and pushes students to practice safe driving.

The event was held in the high school gym from the beginning of the school day until about 3rd hour. Students were called down by grade level and were given the opportunity to use virtual reality to experience the effects of driving while impaired. There was also another option where students were given a phone and had to use it to text and answer questions while also driving a simulator. The purpose of these simulators was to expose students to how driving intoxicated or distracted can be extremely dangerous. At the end of the event, students then had to fill out a quick survey regarding what they learned from their experiences.

Kristin Parker at the wheel while texting (The Concord Chronicle)

High school principal Jill Snyder comments on the event: “Having each class- freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors be able to drive the simulated cars together and watch their peers as they attempted to either text or drive under the influence only provided each person with a deeper connection to the impacts that a split-second or delayed reaction can have on driving.” Snyder also mentions that the International Save A Life Tour will always be

invited to return to Concord High School to educate students about the dangers of driving impaired or distracted.

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Sophomore Issac Knash was asked about his thoughts on the event. When asked what was hardest for him, he responded, “I had a very hard time with driving and texting because I constantly had to focus on texting, and ever since I’ve learned to drive, I have taught myself never to look at my phone.” Knash also added that although the impaired driving simulator was still difficult, it was not as bad because all it really was, was a delayed reaction, which he has experienced before with real cars that were not in the greatest condition.

Senior Kaitlyn Inman also agrees that the texting and driving simulator was the hardest. Inman says, “The texting and driving one was the hardest for me because I had to take my eyes off the road, which immediately resulted in me crashing. In my real life, I have caught myself getting distracted while driving. This experience helped me realize how dangerous it really is to be distracted while driving.”

Vincent Simpson partaking in the impaired driving simulator (The Concord Chronicle)

It is very important that students are given these opportunities because when it comes to driving, it is no joke. Accidents happen all the time and often arise from someone being impaired or distracted. These same accidents can result in everlasting consequences and emotions as well. Students in high school are also fairly new to driving and sometimes might not understand the severity of driving dangerously, but with help from the International Save A Life Tour, students learn how important it is to be educated on the topic.

Michigan also recently passed a new law making it illegal to hold or use a cell phone while driving; therefore, it is even more necessary that students are educated regarding the topic of distracted driving. The winter season is also coming into full effect, meaning that roads may be slick and even more dangerous than usual, so it is very important to take your time and drive safely. Being late is better than never arriving. So, with that all being said, the next time you drive, remember to practice safe driving.

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