• State track meet June 1st. Good luck to all our athletes.
  • District baseball and softball games at CHS on 5/31.
  • Food trucks coming out on May 30th for the Maymester.
  • Exams are on June 3rd through the 6th.
  • June 6th, the last day of school, is a 1/2 day.
  • Are you signed up for summer school?
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Senior Spotlight: Gwen Bulko

Anna Bulko

This week the Chronicle shines our senior spotlight on the one and only Gwen Bulko. She is known by many as kind, intelligent, and just overall an amazing person, which is why we are honored to be writing about her.

Bulko has been attending Concord since 4th grade. She has participated in many clubs and sports throughout her school career, but the ones she is in right now are cross country, student council, NHS, and a recycling program she started this fall. 

This year Bulko has many fun classes on her schedule and can not pick just one class as her favorite. She says, “My top two are drama and plant science. They are both really fun classes. You get to learn a lot, and they are both classes that are not on the computer.” She explains that after high school, she wants to be a neuropsychologist, but is not sure what job she wants with that.

Even though she academically excels, Bulko also does a lot to have fun. She explains that her favorite thing she did in her high school years was go sailing with her uncle. She says, “Something I loved doing during high school was go sailing with my uncle. I hung off the side of the boat on the trapeze. I just love swimming and being in the water.” Bulko also adds that she has a lot of hobbies outside of school. She says, “I like to draw, read, skateboard, write poetry, listen to music, bike, and garden.”

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Bulko also shares how she is so grateful for all the people in her life. She shares that if she had to narrow down the list she admires three people: Mykala Drew, her brother Josef, and her mom. She explains, “I admire my friend Mykala Drew; they are so smart and extremely kind, and their art is amazing. I admire my mom because she is extremely selfless, wonderful, and so sweet, and has been nothing but an amazing mom to me. She also taught me to garden. I also admire Josef because he is really academically oriented, but he also likes to have fun. He is really charismatic and just has a fun personality to be around.”

Anna Bulko

One of Bulko’s close friends, Mykala Drew, shared that their favorite thing about Bulko is how open she is. They said, “I like how she is open to anything and anyone. She is just overall amazing.” Drew also shares that their favorite thing to do with Bulko is go on picnics, karaoke, and be outside. When asked for their favorite memory with Bulko, they said: “For one of my birthdays, she surprised me with a picnic at a really scenic place, and we played games.” Something Drew wants people to know about Bulko is that she is more than just her schoolwork. They think that more people should get to know the real her, that is not just about school. 

Riley Adams is another one of Bulko’s closest friends. They have known each other for a long time but became friends in 7th grade. Adams says, “Our brothers ran cross country together, so we would see each other at running club.” Adams shares that she loves everything about her and she is such a great person in general. When asked about what they like to do together, Adams said: “We like to go longboarding, listen to music, and just hang out.” She loves to just be around Bulko. Admas shares she has one thing she wants to say to Bulko: “I love you, Gwen!”

Mrs. Couling has known Bulko since her freshman year. She has had her for Honors English 9, AP Language and Composition, and now Drama. Mrs. Couling shares that Bulko is always willing to ask questions and give things her best effort during class. Mrs. Couling also says how Bulko is as a person. She says, “I’ve seen her bring people into a group so they don’t feel left out. I’ve seen her go out of her way to be kind to others.” Mrs. Couling has one last piece of advice for Bulko: “Gwen, you are an amazing person. Don’t let anyone ever make you doubt yourself. You are a unicorn, you are good at anything you put yourself into, a very rare commodity. Shoot for the stars!”

Bulko was asked what was the best piece of advice she had ever received from a coach or a teacher. She says, “I learned from Jur to push through the pain; everywhere you go there are going to be struggles, and you just have to get through them.”


Bulko’s last piece of advice for everyone is: “It is not as serious as you think it is. In life and in high school, you have to work hard, but you need to have fun because that’s what you will remember; you will remember what you do and who you hang out with.”

We want to thank Gwen for everything she has brought to Concord and wish her the best of luck in all of her future endeavors!

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Julia Stevens, Staff Editor/Writer
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Riley Aiken, Staff Writer
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