Class of 2023 celebrates their last day

Madisyn Barrett, Staff Writer

It was the last day for the seniors here at Concord, and what better way to celebrate their last day than by having a senior luncheon for their class?

For the senior luncheon, they all gathered in the media center which was beautifully decorated with purple and white linens and floral centerpieces, they chose to get Fazoli’s, which included breadsticks, pasta, and salad.

Faith Moore who attended the senior luncheon mentions, “I liked how everyone got together, and we were all talking and seemed to be happy… it needs to be more of a thing for the grades to get together and to bond and build friendships.”

Another senior Kylee Weston shares that, “I think it was nice to have a last meal with my class, and that they stuffed my face before I ditched the place.”

Senior Mariell Bommarito who was also voted class mom expresses her thoughts on the senior luncheon, “It was good considering Anthony was in the corner stuffed and made me feed him a bread stick. But the food was good, and it was good to just have all of us seniors in one spot separated from everyone else. Getting to keep good memories for our last day of school.”

We would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Sigman the senior adviser and Mrs. Franssen who put a lot of hard work into the senior luncheon.