Prom 2023

Julia Stevens, Staff Writer

Prom 2023 was a night to remember. It was thrown last Saturday night at the Dawn Theatre in downtown Hillsdale. The theme was “Night Under the Stars”, so the decorations were blue, purple, silver, and white. There were lights everywhere, and it was overall a beautiful night.

The junior class worked hard all year to make prom a success. With the support of Mr. and Mrs. Adams and a few other junior families, they raised funds and then put both planning and preparation into each detail of the night. On the day of prom, they got up early to set up. Some incredibly supportive parents came and helped set up too. Parents also helped during prom by valet parking cars and serving drinks.

There were many different activities that people could do to occupy themselves throughout the night. A very popular one was dancing. Almost everyone was on the dance floor the whole night. Another popular element was the photo booth, where people could take home printed pictures they took in the booth. If someone did not want to dance or take photos there were multiple board games that they could play in the balcony area. There was also a ton of food and drinks everyone could have.

Austin Bradley had a lot of fun at his first prom. He says, “My favorite part about prom was going with my girlfriend and having fun with people.” Throughout the whole night, a lot of memories were made, but his favorite one was slow dancing with his girlfriend Alyssa. He also shares his feelings about the decorations: “It was a homey place, and I loved it a lot.” He is excited for next year and hopes it will be bigger and better.

Hannah Jordan got to enjoy this prom as a senior. She says, “Prom was a lot of fun and the venue was nice.” Jordan also adds that the photobooth was a lot of fun, and she really enjoyed the food.

Lily Helms had an amazing night at her first prom along with many others. She says, “I really enjoyed it, it was fun and the setup was nice. I had a fun time and felt boujee.”  Helms’s favorite memory was dancing with her friends on the dance floor. She also adds how she likes how inclusive the dance was. She says, “Everyone was dancing with everyone. I talked to people I have never talked to before.”

Jasmine Breining had an amazing experience. It was her first prom and it lived up to her expectations. She says, “I loved how fancy it was, how grown I felt, and the food was amazing. Overall it was very fun.” She is excited about next year’s prom and hopes it is as amazing as this one.

Anthony Evans had a very enjoyable time at prom. He says, “I liked prom; I made everyone dance. When I went out to the dance floor, everyone else went out.” He also says how he loved the food: “The cookies were bussin.” Evans did not go to last year’s prom, so this one was a lot of fun for him.

Hunter Sharum also attended prom for the first time this year. He says, “I really liked the decorations, and the whole vibe of the theater looked amazing.” He was not quite sure what to expect because he did not attend last year, but it was amazing. He also adds that his favorite memory was: “Getting to dance with my best friend to the song we requested that we have been loving recently.”

Everyone that attended should thank the juniors and the junior class advisor, Ms. Kelly, for all the hard work they put into the night to make it memorable.