Save the bees and the trees

Spring is here, and there’s nothing better than being outside and taking in the fresh breeze.  The bees are just coming back out for the flowers, and the leaves starting to grow back on the trees again.   Although we may not think about it often, bees and trees are essential to humans and our survival.  

The estimated population of bees is 80-100 trillion today. The bee population numbers have dropped in recent years,

and they lose about a thousand bees every day in the summer. In 2050 studies show that the population of bees will go down to 10 trillion. Now, that’s a significant number. If we don’t do something about people killing bees in our everyday lives, bees will go extinct. According to Environment America, “Around the world, 75% of all food crops and a full 90% of all wild flowering plants rely on bees for pollination.”  There is a number of situations that kill bees like pesticide use and habitat loss. Bees are a huge aspect of the environment and protecting them should be a priority. 

Tyson Walker, a senior at Concord High School is passionate about bees and used to keep bees and take care of them in middle school. He explains that, “they pollinate the plants. That helps them grow and live, and of course, bees make honey ,which is great for food and sustenance.”  Walker mentions a famous quote that if bees go extinct, humans would survive for only an additional four years. Around the world people are trying to save bees. 

There are so many organizations out there today. Some include a bee walk happening this upcoming Earth Day on April 22nd. There is also petition to tell Amazon to not sell products with bee-killing pesticides. Also you can take action and tell the Biden administration to ban bee-killing pesticides from wildlife refuges.

In 2023, there are estimated to be 3.04 trillion trees on the earth today. Trees are so important they do so much for us to live.  They clean the air that we breathe. Trees provide shelter and habitat and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines. People should cut down trees without reason. If someone has a good enough reason like the tree is dead or is going to fall, then they should consider planting a baby tree somewhere else. 

Now there are movements where you can donate a dollar, and one tree gets planted where they are most needed.

The environment is important. We need to do something about it and take care of our community so in the future the earth is healthy, and so the bees are still alive, and the trees aren’t all gone.

a old tree at the soccer field

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