Spotlight: Christian Lamb


Caylin Bell

Christian Lamb

Caylin Bell, Staff Writer

Christian Lamb is a man of many interests. He is a kind and smart young man with a bright future ahead of him. Since he was 16 years old Lamb has had a few jobs while being a full-time student here at Concord. 

Even with working and going to school he still finds time to be with family and friends. Lamb’s younger brother Casey Lamb stated, “Chris is a great person overall by the way that he follows his own flow; he never likes to do something he doesn’t like or that others want. He does his own thing in his own way.  if you just talk to the man he is the most caring person you can talk to. All he does is just sit and listen, and he can give advice out like no other. It truly has helped me through a lot with Chris being my older brother.  Seeing him change and not follow others is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen because for so long I’ve wanted to do that but ended up following  Logan more instead. Chris knew from the start what would block his goals and what wouldn’t and what he would do to be great.”  

Chris is wanting to go to Jackson College for engineering to be able to work on aerospace technology and more things like it. One of his favorite movies is Hellboy and his favorite book is Fahrenheit 451.  In the little free time he has, Lamb gets he goes to “The Cove” and reviews bands that play there.

Ashton Easterwood has been a friend of Lamb’s for the past couple of years,  “Chris is someone I have only known for a little bit now through my sister, but he quickly made himself a part of the group in my family just because he has such a magnetic personality. I could really notice this because, after the first couple of times he came over, my parents were already asking about where he was at. ”  

Within the past few years, Lamb has taken regular Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry with Mrs.Colangelo who shares that, “Christian is wonderfully individualistic. He has a very good sense of self and a focus of what he wants to do after high school. He is a sweet, respectful, intelligent young man.  I will miss him and I truly wish him well in his future endeavors.” 

Another teacher who  Lamb has had in high school was Mr.Reiniche. Since Mr.Reiniche retired last year, Lamb did not get to have him as a teacher during his senior year. Mr. Reiniche says, “I truly enjoyed having Christian as a student. He was always kind, polite, and respectful to everyone. His intelligence showed with his inquisitive mind and subtle sense of humor. I will miss his fist bumps and his awesome hair!” 

As a parting gift from the high school, Lamb leaves this advice to the incoming freshman: “Don’t get too angry or panic, use that [energy] and let it serve you rather than lead you astray. Always stay on top of things as it will be [both] overwhelming and underwhelming. Stay focused no matter what.”