The 2023 baseball season begins!

This year’s baseball preview.


Last year’s baseball team.

Rylee Sinden, Staff Writer

It’s baseball season again! Everyone is excited, especially our JV and Varsity teams. Let’s see what they have to say.

Freshman Maddox Hutchinson has many years of experience with the sport. Hutchinson explains that “[he’s] been playing baseball since the pee wee teams in elementary school. It is exciting to finally be part of the high school team.” He also explains that they have been practicing in order to get ready for their first game. “Right now we’re just getting some muscle memory with some basic drills and hitting.” 

Our catcher, sophomore Dustin Hamilton is on the varsity team. He is “ looking forward to spending time with friends and making memories, [and thinks that] the team will do well this year.” The teams have been practicing hard in order to have a good season for the seniors. 

Sophomore Jordan Medellin plays outfield on our varsity team. He explains that “[he] is honestly excited for this season. Playing with these guys is really fun, and hanging out with friends and getting better every day is fun, too.”  Medellin and many others feel that the relationships built on the team will lead to their success on the field.  Chemistry is crucial in the game of baseball, and our team has just that. 

Speaking of chemistry, the senior players have been putting in a ton of work in the off-season to ensure an amazing season. Senior Lewis Fritz is excited for this season. “I am absolutely stoked for this season! Baseball is a fun sport to play, and I encourage everyone that might not be good at the sport to even come out and try it.”

Issac Waldron is a senior this year. His hard work and dedication to this sport shines through. Waldron says, “As long as everyone stays healthy and everyone keeps putting in the work, we should have a very fun and a very successful season.”

The boys’ coach, Mr.Clark explains, “I think we all have really high expectations for this season. The boys expect to win a lot, and we expect to win the district championship and go beyond that.” He also explains how this year’s team is a little different from last year’s. “Everyone on the team has two or three years of varsity experience. I think that is a really huge deal. Most of our team loves baseball, and they put in a lot of extra work in the summer. They should be more prepared compared to most of the teams I’ve had before.” The team has also created many goals, and the season is just starting. “I want to be in a position to compete for the big eight championship. We want to win a district and regional championship, and then be in a position to compete at a state level.” 

Come watch the boys’ first varsity game on April 4th. They will be facing East Jackson High School. We wish the boys the best of luck this season!