Senior Spotlight: Isaac Waldron

Riley Adams, Staff Writer


Who is Isaac Waldron? Isaac Waldron, a senior at Concord High School, has been here since kindergarten. Isaac has developed into a talented and compassionate leader. Not only at school, but also while leading his teams to countless victories. We are happy to have Isaac as the Senior spotlight this week.

Since he was three or four years old, Isaac has been playing basketball and baseball. He started running cross country in middle school and track in high school. Throughout his years of dedication, he has won various awards, including Academic All-Conference for basketball, baseball, cross country, and track. Not only has Isaac been Academic All-Conference, but he has also been All-State in track and a member of the state runner-up team in cross country. 

Junior Carter Arbuckle says  “Isaac is one of the most humble and hardworking guys I know, and we’ve become best friends,” Arbuckle says. It’s difficult to put into words how amazing he is. Some of my greatest experiences with Isaac are golfing during the summer,” Arbuckle adds, “This is one of my favorite times with Isaac because we were competing and going head-to-head. Not only that, but we always laugh and have a fantastic time when we get together. Isaac is a kind and outgoing friend who does things for others that I would not do. Isaac is a great guy to everyone, whether they are great people themselves or not.”

Freshman, Connor Stevens, shares  “I believe if Isaac would become an animal right now he would become a chipmunk. He’s small, quick, and moves around like a chipmunk. I imagine his first job would be as a cook at Out-Back Steakhouse,” Stevens continues. “I’m not sure if he’s a great cook or not, but I see him wearing an apron and grilling a steak. Stevens was asked to name one unusual thing Isaac does that few people are aware of: “Isaac puts ranch on everything,” Stevens says, “it doesn’t matter if it’s fruit or cinnamon breadsticks.”

Coach Clark, Isaac’s teacher and baseball coach, has been coaching him for six years. “One of the qualities that distinguishes Isaac as a student is that he completes his work on time and when he is required to do so, Isaac strives for academic excellence in the classroom.” Clark adds, “While he may procrastinate at times, he always manages to do his work on time and at a high standard.” When asked where he sees Isaac in 10 years, he responds that,  “I see him continuing to be the outstanding student that he is, he will have a college degree. I also picture him starting his own business and becoming very successful in whatever he chooses to do.” 

Isaac has high ambitions for the future, including going to Spring Arbor University. While he already knows which college he will attend, he is still applying for scholarships and doing other preparations. “Don’t wait to do well in school; do well early so you don’t have to worry later,” Isaac advises underclassmen. “Some of the best memories I’ve made are playing sports,” Isaac continues. “Your team becomes a family that will last a lifetime.”

We would like to thank Isaac for his contributions here at Concord High School and for being an inspirational role model for everyone around him.  We have no doubts that he will continue to excel in all he does and make our world better for those around him.