Senior Spotlight: Linda Hernandez


Julia Stevens, Staff Writer

Our spotlight for this week shines on Linda Hernandez. Linda is an astonishing senior here at Concord, and that is why we are honored to be writing about her.

Hernandez started at Concord when she was in kindergarten. Since then she has tried many different activities. Some of the hobbies she has picked up are painting, listening to music, and playing softball. 

Hernandez has made many memories while she has been at CHS. Her favorite memories have been at any events that have included students and basketball games where all the students got together. 

With so many memories there is much to be missed. Hernandez says, “I am really going to miss meeting new friends, building connections, hanging out with new people, and trying new things.”

After high school, she plans on attending college. She says, “I will hopefully attend college for criminal justice, then I plan on becoming an immigration lawyer.”

Hernandez has had many teachers throughout her life, but there is one that is her role model. She says, “My role model is Jur. He just does what he wants and speaks his mind.” She thinks it is cool he just does what he wants when he feels like it.

Malachi Boyd is one of Linda’s many friends. He says, “I like how she is always presentable. Her personality is fun and warm; there is never a dull moment with her.” His favorite memory with her is when she used to do vlogs and record the day. He says, “She included many different people in them, and they are fun to look back on.”

Autumn Cornell is another one of Linda’s friends. She says, “I like that Linda is authentic to herself and that she is such a giving person.” One of her favorite memories with Linda was when they were in Morgan’s basement, flipping on a tumble track, and Linda almost broke her neck. She wants Linda to know, “You are loved by everyone around you!”

Mr. Saucedo is one of Hernandez’s teachers. He says, “She is very inquisitive, a lifelong learner, and she is very diverse between American and Mexican culture.” His favorite memory with Linda was when she made a picture book in Spanish and went over to the elementary and read her book in Spanish and English to the Spanish-speaking kids.

Hernandez wants to leave everyone who reads this with a piece of advice. She says, “At the end of the day your opinion is the only thing that matters, and we are here for a good time, not a long time.”

Hernandez also wants to leave all upcoming freshmen with some advice: “Do not change yourself because others are different, just do what makes you happy.”

We want to thank Linda for being such an amazing and kind person, and we wish her the best of luck in her future!