Preview: Surprise And Delight Event


Savanna Gamet, Staff Writer

A great opportunity for a spectacular event is being planned for the students of Concord High School on February, 22nd. Students are given the choice to decide between ice skating, roller skating, bowling, or staying at the school to watch movies and play board games. 

A few years ago around Christmas break every year a fun event would be planned for the students. Due to Covid-19 unfortunately the tradition had ended. Ms. Price has come up with many fun activities for this school year and wanted to pick the tradition up once again since she was able to find the extra money to pay for the events. Mr. Couling has been helping out with planning this day since he has helped in the past. He explains, “between 30-80 students have signed up for each event.”

Lunch will be held early so that when students board the buses at 11:30 a.m. students will have more time to attend the events. With the places being reserved for Concord High School, teachers were able to pick where they want to go and supervise, while Ms. Price will be bouncing around all places.

If you are a student interested in attending this event, make sure you get your permission slips turned in by Wednesday, February 15th, and bring money if you are a student wanting concessions or wanting to play arcade games as well.