Snowcoming week encourages school spirit

Student Council organizes entertaining events


Logan Lamb and Mason Smith playing Balloon pop lunchtime game

Caylin Bell, Brianna Crosby, Staff Writers

Throughout the week of Snowcoming, the entire student body at Concord High School enjoys competing against each other in fun games, dress-up days, but especially in creating themed banners all organized by our amazing student council and helpful advisor Mr. Couling. The class competitions for 2023 were especially entertaining this year. 

On Monday, the juniors won a friendly game of “Sharks and Minnows” during lunch. On Tuesday, they competed in “Lightning”, and seniors Logan Lamb and Anthony Evans won. Wednesday a 3-point game was played, but they didn’t necessarily finish. It was between the seniors, Anthony Evans and Isaac Waldron, and freshmen, Gavin Riske and Connor Stevens. Thursday was balloon popping, and the seniors Logan Lamb and Masen Smith won. Lamb says that he participates, “because they seemed like they were gonna be fun and from previous times I’ve won, I figured I’d play.”

Along with Lamb, Smith has relatively the same feelings, “It’s fun participating with and against my friends, and the competition is fun.”  Friday during lunch, dodgeball was played to finish up the week of lunchtime games.

Each class had to pick a fairytale of their choice for their banner,  but they also had rules on making them. The theme has to be clear, and the decorations should be neat, stable, and presentable.

The seniors had first dibs on the fairytale banners, and they chose Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Their banner was extremely amusing because they made the seven dwarfs the lower classman, and Snow White was Coach Gill, while the seniors were in the mirror in the middle right under where it said, “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the best at basketball?” 

Linda Hernandez, a senior who helped make the banner, explains that her favorite part was “finishing it and that I misspelled apples, and when half of Masen’s face printed off.” Hernandez was also one of the people who helped choose the theme: “We felt like it was the best theme to incorporate with the subject, and it would be funny because of the seven dwarfs. We could do a lot with that, also Shrek would be too easy.”

The juniors chose Little Mermaid as their second choice. Their banner is really well thought-out and creative. Aidan Grandy, one of the helpers with the banner, explains how they came up with the theme: “I didn’t choose the theme, it was a group effort. We originally thought of Cinderella, but then Little Mermaid came to mind, and that it would be a really great idea and pretty easy.” His favorite part of building the banner was that “it was very fun and just getting together with all the friend groups coming together to work on something. It’s fun to make memories, and it is high school vibes.”

The sophomores came up with Shrek and his swamp. The freshman got last pick and came up with Rapunzel; their banner was both amusing and creative. Jett Smith was Rapunzel with long glowing hair, Gavin Riske was the horse, and Connor Stevens was Flynn rider.

Friday night at the Snowcoming basketball game, Mr. Arkbuckle, Mrs. Sinden, Mrs. Woolworth, Mr. Parker, Mrs. Hotchkin, Mrs. Hawes, and Mrs. Pyle all were judges. They had to judge based on creativity, school spirit, slogan, color/brightness, overall display, and they only asked to please respect the decisions of the judges. The judges did their thing, and the winner came out to be the seniors in first and the juniors in second. Freshman in third, and sophomores in last.

Finally, the dress-up days of Snowcoming were Monday, pajama day; Tuesday, twin day; Wednesday, soccer mom or BBQ dad day; Thursday, fairytale day; and Friday, purple/gold or class shirt day. Many students participated in the dress-up days making the halls fun to walk through.

Wrapping up an actively festive week the overall winners for the class competitions were the seniors with 190 points.  The student body was appreciative of all the hard work that our student council and Mr. Couling put into the events throughout the week.