Concord welcomes their 2023 Snowcoming King and Queen


Mariell Bommarito and Anthony Evans

Rylee Sinden, Madisyn Barrett, Staff Writer

Five candidates, one sash. CHS Student Council representatives raised the anticipation of who would win the title of 2023 Snowcoming king and queen, and the sash came down, the crowd went wild, the king and queen were chosen.

That’s right: it was time for the crowning of the 2023 Snowcoming king and queen! Anticipation had been building up all week, with one question in mind: Who will win?

The crowning of the king started first. The senior king candidates stepped forward. The anticipation built as the sash swung over each candidates’ head. Finally, the sash stopped and was placed over Anthony Evans’ head. The crowd went wild, cheering with happiness.

Next was the crowning of the queen. The queen candidates stepped forward, holding each other’s hands. Again, the sash swung over each of the candidates heads, until the sash finally landed over one head: Mariell Bommarito!

Queen Bommarito explains how it felt to win: “It made me feel emotional, it made me feel happy and loved by all the friends, family, and teachers. I felt love from everybody.”

While Evans’ head was still in the game, he still felt ecstatic about becoming king and exclaimed: “I felt honored by my fellow students and supported by everybody for choosing me when they could’ve chosen four other of the amazing candidates.” He also explains that he felt like “the man.”

Congratulations to the 2023 Snowcoming king and queen, Mariell Bommarito and Anthony Evans!