2023 Snowcoming Pep Assembly


Savanna Gamet, Staff Writer

Last Friday, Concord High School kicked off Snowcoming with the well-planned pep assembly. With the entertaining school spirit activities students have done last week, the pep assembly was a great way to prepare for the Snowcoming events that night.

The assembly was held in the high school gym at 1:40 pm. To traditionally kick off the assembly, students practiced the battle cry, and then following that, Coach Buck called out the homecoming court one by one in pairs with a chosen song by the court members themselves.

To start with the competitions, we started off small with the hula-hoop contest and the bouncy ball relay. Last year’s champion Senior Adair Artis was once again the winner of the hula-hoop competition.

Unlike previous years, we then moved into the newest game ¨TP a teacher.¨ Two students from each grade are assigned a teacher and are given two rolls of toilet paper to wrap around their given teacher and whoever runs out first wins. The winner of this game was the sophomores. Taking the win in the following game of tug-o-war Juniors outplayed the other classes.

Mr. Couling describes what planning the pep assembly was like:¨We looked at what students would enjoy  doing that won’t damage the floor. A big goal was to find ways to get teachers involved. That is where the tp a teacher came in plan. It was rough at first but turned out well. I feel there were too many balls for gladiator. The bouncy ball relay was entertaining and definitely a hit.”

One of the games that seemed to be most exciting and loved by the students was the sheet race. The sheet race is basically played with four students from each given class, carrying a student who they think may be light enough to carry around the gym the fastest. The winner of this game was the freshman.

To wrap up the competitions students lastly played the traditional favorite gladiator and the bottle flip challenge- Gladiator is played by throwing balls of all sizes at students as they run from one side of the gym to the other trying to get them out. This game is especially popular for students who enjoy running or are just up for a challenge. Freshman Slade Hellard shares his strategy for gladiator: ¨Duck, dodge, dive ,and dash. Just like dodgeball.¨ The winner of the bottle flip challenge was the sophomores. 

Now it’s time for the final battle cry. After waiting all assembly long for this opportunity, the cheerleaders led the cheer while each class screamed at the top of their lungs,

With the Snowcoming pep assembly for 2023 coming to an end, each student was now hyped for the night events to come.