Concord High School announces Snowcoming Court


It’s snowcoming season again!  Concord High School is proud to introduce our Class Representatives and King and Queen Candidates for Snowcoming 2023. 

Representing the Freshman class are Nathan Fritz and Mina Slone.  

Andrew Uncapher and Paige Morris are representing the Sophomore class. Drew shares, “I’m honored to have the opportunity to represent my class. I’m excited to experience snow coming with my friends.”

The representatives for the junior class are Ashton Easterwood and Savanna Alejandro. Alejandro says that, “It is exciting to represent the junior class because we’re obviously the best class at Concord.”   

The Seniors have five girls and five boy representatives. Walking together will be Marielle Bommarito and Anthony Evans, Brianna Crosby and Malichi Boyd, Ashley Strouss and Bryan Helms, Maddi Bizalik and Logan Lamb, and Luce Macchiavelli and Aiden Richardson. Macchiavelli, walking with Richardson shares. “I’m excited about being on court because we don’t have school dance in Italy, and I’ve never experienced something like this before. I also love dressing up.”

We encourage our community to attend the game Friday to see the crowning of king and queen and support our teams in their games vs. Union City.