Yellowjackets prevail against the Comets


Madisyn Barrett, Staff Writer

Fouls being called, the anticipation that everyone is feeling on and off the court, the shot going up nobody knowing whether it is going in or not, everyone fighting for the ball, not giving up for a single moment. Does this ring any bells for anyone? That’s right, basketball!  Thursday night the boys’ varsity team came out with the win against Jonesville with the final score of 45-32. 

In the first quarter, Concord started out strong with an early lead of 13-4; Concord had 4 fouls and Jonesville 2. 

In the second quarter, the boys’ intense defense only let Jonesville score 2 points, and our guys were able to add 7 more points to our score, courtesy of Mekhi Wingfield by making four free throws and a 3-pointer.

The second half is where Jonesville started getting serious. Two minutes into the third quarter, they increased their score to 11, while we were still holding onto the lead with 22 points. Later into the third quarter, one of Jonesville’s players got a technical that brought Isaac Waldron to the line, making 1 for 2 free throws and stabilizing the end of the quarter score 25-18.

Now in the final quarter, Wingfield scored two, assisted with a quick pass by Anthony Evans, but Jonesville fought back by also putting up two making the score 27-20. However, Wingfield came back again with another layup. Then Jonesville gained their 7th team foul, which got Concord into bonus and brought Connor Stevens to the line. He shot 6/6 in free throws that night. Wingfield and Waldron were also sent to the line, and Wingfield scored 1/2 and Waldron 2/2, making the score 37-28 with just over a minute to go. With 40 seconds to go, Wingfield pulled off a one handed dunk, and the whole Concord student section went wild.

With 25 seconds left, Jonesville fouled Wingfield sending him to the line, and he hit both shots. Soon after the Comets scored 2 points, but the boys retaliated with Evans being fouled and also hitting his shots 2/2. Then finally with 10 seconds left, Wingfield drives in for a layup sealing the final score of 45-32 giving Concord the win and making them become the current #1 team in the Big 8.

Starting junior Carter Arbuckle, who was aggressive under the hoop, says, “I think we played amazing defense, we were all talking and switching. Everything was clicking. We need to improve our offense. We have got to take better quality shots and stop making turnovers.”

Starting freshman Connor Stevens, who shot crucial free throws for us the other night, says, “I think we played well because of our defense but we need to work on our offense and get the ball where we want it to go and work on our shot making especially me.”

Starting junior Mekhi Wingfield, who was one of our lead scorers, says, “ I think the game went well, and the things I think we did well was guard as a team, chase their shooters off the three,

and just made it hard for them. We can work on executing more on the offensive side of the ball. ”

We are very proud of the team’s win and hope for the best in their upcoming games. Their next home game will be next Tuesday, January 24, 2023, vs. Quincy.