Robotics season officially begins


The 2023 robotics team

Julia Stevens, Staff Writer

The robotics team, Full Metal Jackets, has been around for years. The name and number were chosen by the original team in 2013, and since then they have had many great accomplishments.

This year the team is made up of 15 members: six marketers, five programmers, and four builders. All of them play an important role on the team. Programmers are the people who write the computer program that controls the robot. The builders have to design and construct the robot. Marketers have to fundraise and get the team’s name out. 

Builder Issac Knash is a new member of the team. He decided to join to have something to do after school, but now it is more than that. He says, “It’s fun because I get to hang out with my friends and meet a lot of new people.” He thinks that people should join the team to see if they like it or not.

Bella Coppernoll has been a marketer all throughout middle school. She says, “I continue to do robotics because I’m interested in marketing and designing.” She is excited to see what the team designs and how they do this year. 

This year the team has a new coach, Mrs. Sloss. She previously worked in the design field. Teaching is not something new to her, but teaching robotics is. The season is starting off strong and she has enjoyed seeing the sense of accomplishment that the team has built by driving the design, building, and coding.

Ms. Price has gotten more involved with the program this year. She likes the whole process of robotics and being able to watch the students wrestle the challenge. She says, “I enjoy the intensity of the competition season, which runs from the beginning of January through April. But the bonds I see formed between team members who really commit to the goal are incredible and strong.”

The team has gone to two events to get them started this year. On January 7th, they attended the FIRST kickoff where they learned the challenge for the season is to stack blocks and cones and balance the robot on a charge station in the middle of the field. The team later worked together to create a plan for the robot. On January 15th, they attended a chassis build. The team put their plans together and built the bottom part of the robot.

Full Metal Jackets has a history of success and the team is hoping this year is no different. They are working their hardest to make the season a great one. The team is in need of mentors. To be a mentor you do not need to know anything about robotics. All you need to know is how to encourage students, help students problem solve, and supervise for safety.