Senior Spotlight: Anthony Evans


Brianna Crosby, Staff Writer

This week the senior spotlight shines on Anthony Evans. Evans is undoubtedly one of our most talented athletes who participates in three sports: football, basketball, and baseball. After attending Marshall Middle School, Evans made the decision to attend Concord where he has influenced his classmates and teachers with his sense of humor and calm, laid-back attitude. 

Evans started playing basketball and football when he was little but was never on a team until freshman year. He has been the starting quarterback on the football team since junior year and has dominated the game. During his senior year, he suffered a serious concussion but recovered in time to play in the last three games of the season. He also recovered in time for the first game of his senior basketball season and is team co-captain with Isaac Waldron.

Anthony has received a handful of awards. In basketball his junior year, he was awarded the most improved player; in baseball his junior year, he was named all-conference outfield as well as most improved. This year his senior year in football, Evans was the most valuable player, all conference, and all state. Mr. Clark, Anthony’s teacher, football, and baseball coach says, “He is a coachable and very positive kid. He has come a long way, and he is one of the most improved players out of everyone.”

When it comes to classes here at Concord, Anthony explains that his favorite classes are “gym, because Mr. Lehman was the teacher, and we actually had a fun time, also 1st hour English with Ms. Kelly.” Evans has really been keeping up with school since his freshman year. 

Anthony did not always pay attention in class and would never turn in his assignments, but it all changed when he was trying to focus on sports.  Masen Smith, one of his closest friends, said, “He’s a good student; he has turned his grades around from freshman year.” 

Evans has really been motivated the past four years.  He explains, “I need to have good grades. My coaches, my mom, and Mariell [Bommarito] have helped me a lot to be who I am.”  

This growth is especially evident to his teachers.  Ms. Kelly explains that, “Anthony wasn’t the most engaged student when he first arrived at CHS, but it has been an honor to see him mature into a responsible and caring young man.”  Anthony’s leadership on and off the field and dedication to friendship are another aspect of his personality that she notices.

Anthony has many friends especially when he’s on the team. When he is at school, he is always talking to Mariell or “one of the boys”. Bommarito shares, “When he isn’t at school or playing sports, he is with his family, he is working at the movie theater in Albion, or playing the Playstation Five.” 

Evans and Masen Smith have an unbreakable bond by being on all the sports teams together. Smith shares, “I’ve known Ant from birth, and he is a really good friend and always makes me laugh.”

Evans is excited about his future and what is to come. His plans after graduating are “to attend Albion College to be an athletic trainer or physical therapist.” He is a very motivated, hard working student athlete, and it will be sad to see him graduate, but everyone will be proud to see him move on and start his life. We wish him all the best!