Lady Jackets vs. Trojans

The Lady Jackets face the Homer Trojans on Friday.

Rylee Sinden, Staff Writer

A competitive and exciting game took place at home on Friday. Long-time rivals, Concord and Homer, faced each other in a heated match. 

The night started with the JV teams facing each other. The JV played hard but fell short with the final score of 22-41. Freshman Lilieana Vandenburg got the chance to play on both JV and Varsity that night. Vandenburg states, “I feel like the game went overall pretty well. But, we could work on a lot of things still; everyone was a little off yesterday. I feel like I had a pretty good game yesterday on defense.”

Freshman Cece Barrett also plays on both JV and Varsity. She played very well  and led the varsity team in points. She says,” I think the game last night went pretty well. Something I think our team needs to work on is making smart passes. Personally, I need to work on not telegraphing where I’m going to pass to. What went well for me was my shooting, because in my last two games I have been shooting way better and I have been trying to build my confidence to shoot as good as I do in practice.”

The varsity worked extra hard vs. Homer because many people were out sick. By the end of the first quarter, Concord was up by three points, with the score being 11-8. By halftime, Concord was down 18-25. The girls worked hard during the third quarter, gaining ten points for the team. This made the score 28-43. The girls worked really hard all throughout the game, but fell short and ended with a score of 40-55. Freshman Cece Barrett led the team tonight, contributing 17 points to the varsity team. Following Cece was Junior Maria Stevens. She added 12 points to the final score. Sophomore Hannah Stimer also worked hard to add 10 points. 

Junior Madi Barrett says,” I think the game went pretty well last night. Although we did not come out with the win, I am so proud of how far our team has come; we play with our heart and soul and we do not stop until the final buzzer goes off. I think that one of the things we need to work on is our scoring. We do well running our plays but we need to work on finishing them.”

Junior Savanna Payne states, “I really enjoyed playing in the game because everyone played their heart out and fought until the very end.”

Junior Ella Woolworth explains, “I think that the game went pretty well considering the fact we had many girls out. I love how we keep getting better and better with each game.”

Junior Maria Stevens states how she thinks the game went. “[Friday]night in our game we didn’t have a lot of our girls, which later showed in the game. During the first part of the game we were playing really well and we were ahead. But, once we started getting tired it was hard. Unlike the other team, we didn’t have the amount of players to sub in and out which worked to their advantage. As we all started to get tired, we fell behind; but we did all work together as a team. We will definitely get them next time.”

Come watch the girls’ next game on Tuesday, January 3rd, at home. They will be facing Springport! Good luck lady jackets!