Time to compete

Brianna Crosby, Staff Writer


It’s that time of year again for competitive cheer. This winter sport starts in November and lasts until March. The Lady Jackets look forward to their upcoming season and are working hard.

Competitive cheer is nothing like sideline cheer. Competitive cheer athletes compete against other schools on the mat in three different rounds, while sideline cheer is where athletes cheer for the football team. The first round is about a minute-and-a-half routine full of jumps, ripples, levels, and intricate motions. Round two is also a minute and a half long where athletes are scored on jumps, flexibility, and tumbling. Round three is both a challenging and exhausting round. It is an open round that consists of tumbling and stunting. It has to be around two and a half minutes. They also score them on vocals, precision, skills, overall composition, execution, tightness, and togetherness.

Savanna Alejandro, the flier of the stunt group, gave her thoughts on this season ¨I have mixed feelings because I don’t know what other teams are bringing to the table.” Last year the team couldn’t go to all their competitions because of COVID. This year they plan on going to all ten competitions. 

There are only five seniors on the cheer team: Shianne Alejandro, Layla Hellard, Ashlee Strouss, Brianna Crosby, and Luce Macchiavelli. The team manager is Sam Kessman.  Strouss says, “Depending on what we learn in round three, all of our hard work will pay off, and hopefully, we win the Big 8.” She also explains why she likes cheer “I love throwing Savanna.¨

The coach, Mrs. Sigman, thinks their biggest rivals are Homer, Quincy, and Jonesville. She also feels like her cheer team has the potential to win the Big 8 conference this year. The first home competition in two years will be held on Monday, January 30th at Concord Highschool at 6:00 pm. The cheerleaders are working hard to bring home the Big 8 title and looking forward to a great year.