Staff Spotlight: Mr. Jurasek


Julia Stevens, Staff Writer

This week we are shining our staff spotlight on Mr. Jurasek. He is such a large asset to Concord, and many think it would not be the same place without him. 

Jurasek graduated from CHS in 1976. He came to Concord in 7th grade and stayed until graduation. He played four sports: cross country, track, basketball, and baseball.

When Jurasek first graduated from college, he had two degrees: Economics & Management and Education. He chose to go work for his dad for a while until a teaching position opened up in Albion, and he decided to apply for the job. He has been a teacher ever since.

Although not everyone knows Jurasek as a teacher, many may know him as a coach. He coaches indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country. He says, “Coaching is a passion that I like to do year-round.” 

Something Jurasek loves to do other than coach and teach is travel. When asked about his favorite trip, he responded, “It is hard to choose because I’ve been to so many places, but my favorite trip I took this year would have to be Turkey. There were life-changing moments there.” He adds that any trip with his kids is lots of fun. 

His favorite thing about Concord is “how everyone supports one another and the close-knit family atmosphere.” He has always felt close to Concord and loves the kids and the staff.

Senior Haylee Lintner is in Jurasek’s class for the first time this year. When asked what she likes about Jur, she responded, “I like that he can make you smile any time you’re down.” She thinks that he opens students’ eyes to things they would not hear in other classes. She would describe him as “inspirational, a good leader, and someone to look up to.”

Mrs.Price who has known Jurasek for several years says, “I like Jur’s enthusiasm, energy, integrity, and dedication to our students.” 

Mr.Clark has known him for 12 years now. He likes how selfless he is when it comes to the kids. He says, “He’s just a great teacher and a great guy. We’re lucky to have him here with us.”

Mr. Jurasek has been a big part of Concord for a long time now, and we hope he sticks around. If you have not gotten to know him, you are missing out!