Community Spotlight: Mr. Kilbourn Snow


Rylee Sinden, Staff Writer

Have you ever seen some amazing pictures of Concord sports and wondered, who’s taking these? Well, that would most likely be our amazing Concord Community member, Mr. Kilbourn Snow. 

What makes Snow even closer to the community is the fact that he graduated from Concord. He also played high school football and wrote a Concord high school sports column. Snow has been part of the Concord community his whole life. In fact, his father, and grandparents both graduated from here. The Snow/Lehman legacy carried on with Snow’s kids, Kristina Coppernol and Kathy Lehman, and continued with the grandkids, Bradie, Brett, Alissa, Lindsey, Bella, and Quinn. 

Mr. Matt Lehman, married to Snow’s daughter, Kathy Lehman explains that “he is one of the most selfless people I know!  He genuinely cares about the school and community and it’s betterment!” This was evident when we recently invited Mr. Snow to speak to our Publications class.  He was so full of life and had so much he wanted to share with us about his photography experience. 

Mr. Kilbourn Snow wasn’t always a photographer; he started out as an industrial engineer. His job evolved, and at one point, he became a significant part of the company. Then everything changed. One day, he was handed a camera, and he never put it down. Snow started taking pictures of the workers and engineers in the company. Eventually, he started branching out and started covering his kids’ sporting events. Now, 20-30 years later he is still covering Concord’s sporting events. He explains that “[he] started taking Concord sports photography when Kathy was in volleyball.” 

Mr. Clark has also gotten the chance to get to know him a little bit over the years, and explains that “he does an amazing job taking photos of our teams over the years. I love talking to him about when he played football for Concord in the ‘60s. He was on a championship team. He also takes the photo that we put on the press box every year.”

In the Snow family, photography skills have been passed down for generations. “My grandmother learned photography in the 1800s,” he shares. Now, Snow is an experienced photographer to carry on the family legacy. He took a class to improve his skills. “I then got into photography wholeheartedly. I took not only photography but also learned to paint.” 

Something unique about Snow’s photography skills is that he has shot a wide variety of objects. From scuba diving with an underwater camera to taking a picture of an alligator, he’s done it all. 

Snow seems to be an optimistic person, which is why he gets so many phenomenal pictures. “Just because you don’t initially like the picture, doesn’t mean you can’t save it. The stories are still there,” he explains. “When you’re taking a picture you’re telling a story.–Do what you feel is right.” 

His daughter, Kathy Lehman shares her love for him. “The sense of community and working to improve and preserve the history of our great town has always been important to my dad.  I am so blessed that he is my dad and has passed those traits down to me,” 

Next time you see Mr. Snow, talk to him. He is full of so many great stories to tell. His contribution to our community is much appreciated. Thank you, Mr. Snow!