Plant Science Recap

Over the past month, Mrs. Colangelo and numerous other students have been working tirelessly to embellish the garden, most commonly known as the courtyard. Since the beginning, the plant science students have done an amazing job at constructing the garden, which contains a pond, two greenhouses, and multiple seating areas. There is a music section, butterfly garden, fairy garden, herb garden, and other areas dedicated to the plant science course. 

Reflecting back at the time spent in the garden, plant science student Senior Tayler Snay said, “Although it was very time consuming, it was well worth it, and it turned out great!” 

Sophomore Dustin Hamilton commented on the progress that has been made since early September. “Just like everyone else, I walk past the garden in the morning, in between classes, and during lunch. It has come a long way in such a short time and I think it looks amazing!” 

Although there are still some things that are going to be added and fixed in the spring, the group is still very proud of the work they’ve accomplished and are excited to continue their work on the garden when the weather clears. Senior Hannah Jordan, who is also in plant science, commented on the garden and what it signifies to her: “It’s a mark on the school I’m able to leave behind after I graduate, and it’s something that I’m really proud of.” Hopefully, this beautiful new scenery in the courtyard will continue to grow and flourish throughout the near future for all Yellowjackets to admire!