Hollywood Homecoming Dance


Iyla Weeks and Aidan Grandy strike a pose at Friday’s Homecoming dance.

Brianna Crosby, Staff Writer

The lights were dimmed, the red carpet was rolled out, and for the first time in three years, Concord High School students arrived at their Homecoming Dance.  The Concord Student Council prepared a night students would remember. The dance happened after the varsity football game against Gobles. 

Sophomore council member Danni Fritz bravely volunteered to step up and be in charge of the dance. When the student council was asked for themes for the dance Danni Fritz came up with the idea of Hollywood. Fritz said, “I wanted everyone to come out and have a good time and enjoy the decorations.” 

At the dance the decorations were nicely set up and had balloon towers and gold streamers hanging in each doorway. Lidnsey Lehman was in charge of the music. Everyone was dancing and really liking the music she played. At the dance there was pizza and pop provided.

Linda Hernandez the Homecoming Queen shared her opinion on the dance: “I liked how everyone would dance for the cha cha slide and that Nolan was getting down and didn’t care what people thought.”

The Homecoming King Isaac Waldron said that, “It was nice to see everyone able to hang out and a lot cooler to see everyone participating when things were going on, where in the past everyone would just sit down and stay in the corner.”

At the end of the night, everyone had a night to remember whether they joined the “gridy” or just watched.