Pep rally a success

Student Council plans fun activities for CHS students


Riley Adams

Photo by Riley Adams

Riley Adams, Staff Writer

Rumbling of the stands, classes cheering, everyone competing, but all for what? The Spirit Stick. This past Friday, the Student Council pumped up the students by throwing a pep rally to prepare them for the annual Homecoming game.
The pep rally games consisted of Gladiator, The Hula Hoop contest, Blindfolded Musical Chairs, Tug-O-War, and Sponge Toss. Each class had multiple participants for each game. Not only were there many ‘minute to win it’ games; but each member of the homecoming court and fall sports teams were introduced and cheered on. Then came the Battle Cry; the cheerleaders would lead the classes in this event. “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!” The classes screamed, competing for extra spirit points!

The games started off with the Hula Hoop contest. This game had two people from each grade. Junior, Mekhi Wingfield shared that this was the most competitive event for him: “Not everyone can Hula Hoop so it makes it harder.” One by one each participant’s hula hoops began to drop until there was one left. Senior Adair Artis was the last one standing, winning the event.

Following the Hula Hoop contest was one of the fan favorites, Blind Folded Musical chairs. Senior Autumn Cornell stated this was her favorite event: “It was funny watching people fall over each other.” Both the crowd and the students playing were cracking up during this game.

Then came Tug-O-War. This game consisted of five boys and five girls from each grade. The Juniors and Freshman had faced off against each other, with the Juniors coming out with the win. Then the Sophomores and Seniors battled it out, and the Seniors would emerge with the win. In fourth place would be the Freshmen, then the Sophomores came in third. The final round was the Juniors Vs. Seniors, with the Seniors in second place. In the end, the Juniors still rain Tug-O-War champions for the second year in a row!

A new game this year was a big hit, The Sponge Toss. Each grade had a pair of participants. The pairs had to dunk a sponge into a bucket of water and throw it back and forth until one pair was left standing. The freshmen pair were Slade Hellard and Nate Fritz, the Sophomores were Alek Warner and Jordan Medellin, the Juniors were Mekhi Wingfield and Ashton Easterwood, and lastly, the Senior pair were Logan Lamb and Lewi Fritz. The Juniors fell short in fourth place, Freshmen third. The Sophomores then came in 2nd place. Sophomore Jordan Medellin States, “As a football player having that connection with Alek that we do, I thought we were going to do pretty good and it was a fun competition against some of our teammates even though they may have won.” This game came close between sophomores and Seniors. It came down to a short throw from the Sophomores that led the Seniors to victory.

Then the final event of the rally, Gladiator. The crowd roared for their grade as they sprinted across the football field avoiding yoga and dodge balls. The first round was Juniors vs. Sophomores then the Seniors Vs. Freshmen. The second round was Seniors vs. Juniors and Freshman Vs. Sophomores. Hannah Stimer states, “This game was fun to watch while also participating in.” This game would come close between the Freshman and the Sophomores. The Sophomores came out with the win and the Freshmen came in second, in third place were the Juniors, and in first place was the Senior class!

As the pep rally came to an end, the JV and Varsity football teams were called down to the football field. They introduced themselves and wished good luck in the upcoming homecoming football game!