Veterans Night

Paying respects to our local veterans

Caylin Bell, Staff Writer

Starting fresh on the gridiron Friday night, the Concord football team was escorted to the field by veterans and their motorcycles. The team honored the veterans by wearing their camouflage jerseys, while the student section cheered from the sidelines dressed in red, white, and blue.

 Starting off the game the boys came on strong but quickly learned that things can happen at any moment. Collin Thompson says, “Anything can happen, we have to learn to adapt and have people willing to step up.”  The Yellow Jackets started the game strong with a blocked punt which led to a touchdown by Alex Winters, making the ending score for the first quarter 6-0.  During the second quarter, the Yellow Jackets gave up a 35-yard pass with a two-point conversion from Maple Valley making the score for the second quarter 6-8. 

The third quarter starts rough with a one-yard run and a two-point conversion consisting in a Maple Valley touchdown causing the score to go to 6-16. Winters expresses, “Don’t look at teams that you might have beat last year as not competitive. It’s a new year so they could be better, so just stay focused and don’t get too big-headed.”

Logan Lamb contributed a 47-yard run leading to a Yellow Jacket touchdown, resulting in a score of 12-16.  Another Yellowjacket touchdown is made by Mekhi Wingfield who received a 26-yard pass from Anthony Evans making the score 18-16. Malachi Warner states, “I felt like that we could of been more focused as a team, instead of worrying about the score or worrying about what’s going to happen next. But I feel like we did pretty good from the start.” Though the fourth quarter wasn’t quite done; there was still fight left in the boys to finish the game off strong.  

The game took a turn for the worse when Anthony Evans took a hard hit and had to be escorted off the field via ambulance before the game could continue for a Yellow Jacket win. We are grateful to report he is doing well. Coach Max Clark shares. “Friday was a tough win for our team but also a defining win. Our boys learned to not underestimate an opponent, and they also learned how to deal with and overcome a lot of adversity.” 

Don’t forget to come to the Homecoming game on September 30th, and watch the Varsity Yellow Jackets take on Gobles.