Varsity football wins first home game


Evans charging through the defense

Madisyn Barrett, Staff Writer

Time is ticking, points are racking up, whistles are blown, and yellow flags are thrown into the air. That’s right: football is back here at Concord, and crowds are piling into the stands to watch our team play their first home game against Britton Deerfield.

In the first quarter, Junior Mekhi Wingfield received a 53-yard pass from Senior quarterback Anthony Evans. After that, the team completed a two-point conversion by Senior Logan Lamb. Junior Collin Thompson had a 61-yard run to finish our first quarter with a score of 14-6.

Into the second quarter, Logan caught a 38-yard pass from Anthony raising our score to 20-6. During the third quarter, the scores were getting close with Deerfield up by two, that is until Evans threw a 27-yard pass to Wingfield giving the Yellowjackets the lead 26-22.

Finally, the fourth quarter is here the quarter that finalizes the score. Lamb scored a touchdown with a 15-yard pass from Evans. Finally, at the end of the game, Wingfield and Evans sealed the win by Wingfield receiving a 53-yard pass from Evans giving the final score of 40-30.

But the game was not all about the offense, the defense was also a strong part of the game. Mekhi had the most tackles out of everyone with five while Collin and Junior Levi Raymond were right behind with four. Junior CJ Smith and Ramond both had the highest amount of assists throughout the game with 10.

The Varsity football team is working hard and will continue to do so.

Junior TJ Allen is an offensive wide receiver and defensive linebacker and has been playing football since sixth grade, TJ says, “My goal for the game is to always win of course but to do as best as I can with my teammates.”

Coach Max Clark has been around football for a long time from playing on that same field when he was in school to now being the head coach for the past 10 years. Coach Clark says, “Our goals are the same each week. We want to compete on every play. If we do that we will be happy and feel successful regardless of the outcome. We always want to win of course.” and that goal was met tonight with the first varsity home game coming out with a win.

Be sure to come to the next home game on September 16 against Maple Valley where there will also be the Community Tailgate before the game.