New class: Plant Science comes to CHS


Savanna Gamet

Students’, succulent propagation plants

Savanna Gamet, Staff Writer

Plant Science is a new course as of this school year.  Students have the opportunity to take this course as a third-year science credit or an elective. If students are very hands-on, this is a perfect class. Unlike any other course, It allows students to be outside to expand their creativity and get their hands dirty.

Currently, students taking this course are working on getting the garden started with a clean open slate also familiarly known as the courtyard. groups of students are able to create their own projects to help make the area their own. Some of these projects include: herb gardens, meditation stations, flower gardens, fairy gardens, pathways, and a bee pollinator.

 While students are having an enjoyable time students are also learning so much about our environment, important life skills, and how important plants are. 

With the budget the teacher of this course “Mrs. Colangelo” was given, she is able to invest in two greenhouses, all of the plants, and materials that we will need. 

Senior Jillian Coville, working in the flower garden explains how, “It’s a very fun experience, you get to play around with plants and arrange things to look pretty, my personal goal is to have an overall fun experience with this class.”

Since this class isn’t taken just as an elective we also have learning targets that we need to complete such as propagating plants and labs.

Mrs. Colangelo says that “my overall goal for this course is to teach my kids how to use important research skills to create individual projects and show plant appreciation.” 

This course isn’t all just about plants it also teaches students how to collect data, reflect on the students’ work, and get vitamin D and exercise. 

Senior Lyle Lasky enjoys this course the most because “ I like that I can go outside to do physical work and get fresh air.”

If students are looking for a break from their Chromebook, Plant Science might be the best brain break for students.