Your next adventure is around the corner, Mr. Reiniche!

As Robin Williams says in Night at the Museum: Secret of the tomb. “You’ve done your job; it’s time for your next adventure.”


Caylin Bell, Staff Writer

Imagine walking down the hall, about to round the corner, and you’re just stuck wondering what Mr. Reiniche is going to be doing or wearing today. Is it his clown tie and nose? Is he holding his meter stick ready to tap your backpack? Or is he doing something simple like fist bumps? Walking down the hall to go to a locker or to the next class is always an adventure with Mr. Reiniche standing in the hallway. Countless students have anticipated his antics and felt the sincerity of his compassion. 

Mr. Reiniche attended Concord his whole life from kindergarten to senior year. He is an alumnus of the school. He started teaching in the school of opportunities. Since then he has taught in the high school. He taught In his last year of teaching he taught Physiology, Psychology, American History, Michigan History, and his new class Choose Your History.

Ms. Price has worked with Mr. Reiniche for many years and she says it all: “I have worked with Mr. Reiniche for the last 22 years.  He has been unfailingly kind, strong, intelligent and has made me laugh more times than I can count.  He is one of the best men I have met in terms of his integrity and consistency of character.  To say I will miss him is an understatement, and the only thing that keeps me from crying about his decision to retire is that he has promised to stay a part of our Concord High School team.  Mr. Reiniche has been one of the BEST parts of my experiences here at Concord.”

Mrs. Couling taught with Mr. Reiniche for 17 years but has known him for longer. She shares that she loved working with him in NHS and mostly enjoyed listening to his puns. She wishes to say that “Even though Mr. Reiniche and I worked together to collect many gallons of blood and tons of coins, we aren’t vampires and we aren’t “rich,” but he certainly filled this school with a richness of character and kindness that will be greatly missed. All the best to him in his retirement.”

Another colleague Mr. Jesse Buck has taught in the classroom right next to Mr.Reiniche for the last few years. Buck has something special to say as well: “Mr. Reiniche is a legend in the Concord community. Whenever I see alumni of Concord, they first ask how Mr. Reiniche is doing! Then they go on to say how he was their favorite teacher!! His time as a teacher will be remembered by everyone for a long time and the care and concern he shows to his students is far above and beyond. He is a great friend, neighbor, and honestly one of the most genuine men I have ever met! I will miss him greatly.”

Mr. Lehman has known Mr.Reiniche for as long as he has worked here and explains that “Mr. Reiniche has been an important figure at Concord Community Schools.  His work ethic, camaraderie with students & staff, and sense of humor will be greatly missed!  He still plans on working the clock for boys & girls basketball after we signed a new contract doubling his salary from the previous years!” Mr. Lehman wishes him the best in retirement and is glad that he still gets to work alongside him at basketball games. 

Graduated senior Joe Bulko had Mr. Reiniche as a teacher throughout high school and especially enjoyed being on the Quiz Bowl team with Mr.Reiniche. He insists that “the true impact of a teacher can never be measured, but appreciated from a distance.” Bulko knows that the lessons Mr. Reiniche imparts will carry him through college and beyond. 

Even our alumni from years past remember the kindness of this outstanding teacher. Mr. Reiniche’s former students Teresa Bell who graduated in 2002 and Logan Barrett who graduated in 2021 both were willing to share memories of Mr. Reiniche.  Ms. Bell had Mr. Reiniche as a teacher in Concord’s school of opportunities when he first started teaching. “Mr. Reniche is a very caring, respectful teacher. He has always gone above and beyond when it comes to helping students and making sure they understand the material of the work and if they struggle he’s always been there to help them out if they struggle. He was a great mentor and someone to look up to. He has a great personality and outlook on life and helps anyone that needs someone to talk to or needs advice. He’s greatly going to be missed at the school district, but I’m glad he will still be around to watch other students continue to grow. I am very thankful for all the help I had from him and the experience that my oldest was able to get to know him and have him as a teacher as well. Best wishes on his next adventure!”

Mr.Barrett had Mr.Reiniche throughout his high school years, and he shares that “words cannot describe how amazing it was to have Mr. Reiniche at Concord during my time in high school. Mr. Reiniche was easily one of my favorite teachers, and I don’t know any other teacher who would be willing to sing ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ in front of a class of freshmen to explain the Cold War. In my mind, he is the greatest history teacher, and I wish him well during his time in retirement.”

Some of Mr.Reiniche’s present students have some very touching things to say as well. Junior Autumn Cornell insists, “I wouldn’t want to go through the crazy mind of Sigmund Freud with anyone else.”  

While sophomore Savannah Payne wanted to share a specific memory: “One of my favorite memories with Mr. Reinchie is when he danced in front of the whole class. I also loved the way Mr. Reinchie made class so fun with his humor.” 

Junior Isaac Waldron enjoyed having Mr.Reiniche as a teacher and conveyed his appreciation for how supportive Mr. Reiniche always is.  “I have never met anyone like Mr. Reiniche, someone who is so eager to get to know his students on a personal level, and on top of all that he always shows up for them, whether it is at school, or at sporting events. I think I can speak for all of us when I say thank you Mr. Reiniche!” 

Mr.Reiniche will be missed by the staff and students of Concord. Luckily,  he plans on subbing and working the time clock at basketball games. We can’t wait to see you around the school next year Mr.Reiniche. Enjoy your summer. It’s just the beginning of your adventure to never-ending fun.