Sattler’s Tasty Treats


Customers at Sattler’s line up for their favorite ice cream flavor.

Alonzo Hopkins, Staff Writer

If ice cream is something you are craving, come get a tasty Scoop from Sattler’s. Sattler’s is a small family-owned business that has been around for 53 years. It is located at the blinking light intersection on M-60 in Concord,  Michigan. The ice cream shop is the only one of its kind. It first appeared in 1968 when the first Mr. and Mrs. Sattler bought the place and turned it into an ice cream shop. Later on, their children started running the business.

Mr. Sattler gives a brief history of the founding of Sattler’s Tasty Treat: “My mom and dad purchased it from the Ambergris back in 1968. They stopped here on the way back from Swain’s Lake and got to talking to the owner, and he asked if they were interested in buying it. After a year or so my mom and dad decided to get into it.”

The people who work at Sattler’s are mainly students from different schools. They would also have different jobs to do while working at Sattler’s. They mainly work there from around 8th grade to 12th grade, then after they would leave for larger job opportunities that would pay more. When they leave, they can always come back to work at Sattler’s at any time. Getting a job at Sattler’s can be a great experience for people in the work environment to learn things like working as a team, talking to clients, and learning new business skills.

Concord junior Layla Hellard explains about hiring new workers at Tasty Treats: “We actually just hired all new people because as soon as the seniors start to graduate they go on to bigger jobs that pay more. I’m the senior employee right now, so I’ve been training sophomores and freshmen. The environment is very fun.”

At Sattler’s, many different flavors of ice cream are available.. The best item on the menus is said to be the sundaes. There are strawberry shortcakes, apple pie, pecan, hot fudge, turtle, and peanut butter crunch sundaes.  How would you begin to choose?  On holidays, they will even have Lemon Custard ice cream. Sophomore Ella Woolworth, who also works there,  gives an overview of the best types of ice creams at Sattler’s, explaining that  “any kind of Sundae with all the different kinds of toppings on it, those are pretty good. We have tons of different toppings that you can put whatever you want on it.”

Mr. Sattler explained each of the top favorites ice cream flavors at Sattler’s: “It seems to be right now is the strawberry shortcakes sundaes and apple pie sundaes seem to be the biggest sellers right now. We do sell a lot of pecans sundaes there’s hot fudge and turtle sundae, but one of our other popular sundae’s is a peanut butter crunch sundae, which has hot fudge peanut butter sauce, and crunch nuts on it. It’s really good. Almost every holiday, we will have lemon custard ice cream, and anybody that comes through here knows that the holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the 4th of July, we pretty much try to have the lemon custard ice cream because that’s just our flavor. It’s shocking how many people will try to make a stop here all over the place.”

When you’re going to Sattler’s, expect some cool sundae flavors, professional young workers, and a history that you never knew of within our hometown of Concord.