Class of 2022 leaves the building


Savanna Gamet and Connor Haire

After four long years of venturing through high school, the Class of 2022 has finally made it through all of the studying, assignments, tests, and even surviving through a pandemic. The graduating class is finally able to walk across the stage to claim their diplomas, ready to take on the next stage of their lives.

Before receiving their diplomas, multiple awards were presented to several students for their excellence in different areas. The awards were given Spanish, English, Science, Music, and Math. After that, the graduation ceremony began. When talking about the new Concord graduates, there were 52 in the graduation ceremony.  Of the 52, 38 have further plans to attend college.  As reported by the 38 students, they were offered over 1.2 million dollars in scholarships from various colleges. As the Class of 2022 ventured across the stage, loud cheers, applauds, and even large arrays of balloons filled the gymnasium as everyone obtained their diplomas. 

Each of the staff members here at Concord is grateful to have all of them as students throughout the past four years and is proud of whom everyone has become. Mrs. Couling shared some kind words to the graduates she said, “You all have done a fantastic job. You should be very proud of yourselves because nobody had to endure two years of high school in a pandemic before you guys. Good luck, your future awaits you and it will be bright!” 

After the ceremony, Ms. Price also wanted to express her gratitude toward the graduating class, saying “Remember what I told you about believing in yourself, and remember that you have what it takes to face whatever your endeavors are.”

 Here’s to the class of 2022 for staying strong and making it this far. Good luck with the next chapter of your lives.