Senior Spotlight: Georgia Weeks


Savanna Gamet, Staff Writer

Typically our senior spotlight writing goal for publications class is not to write about a staff writer; Georgia Weeks on other hand has made a huge impact at Concord. She has involved herself in so many sports and activities that she deserves to be recognized because she truly stood out. If you don’t know Georgia, you definitely missed out on her sweet, bubbly personality. She has attended Concord since kindergarten. Teachers and classmates have been so lucky to watch her grow into who she has become all through elementary, middle, and high school. 

Ms. Kelly, Georgia’s Publications teacher would like to say that “having Georgia as part of the publications team this year has been an absolute joy.  Her willingness to put herself in any situation to accomplish goals sets her apart.  Whether taking photos on the sidelines of a football game or interviewing an alumnus virtually for a spotlight article, Georgia consistently displays a strong work ethic but never ignores the opportunity to laugh, have fun, and light up a room with her presence.  I know she will shine at Central Michigan.  It has been a blessing to work with her.”

Georgia took Film Studies to help gain knowledge to pursue a future career in the film industry. Film Studies teacher Mrs. O would like to say that “It has been so fun getting to know Georgia over the past four years and watching her grow into a strong and confident young adult. She has impressed me so much with her willingness to take on new challenges and push herself to meet her goals. I will miss her and her energy so much!”

Film isn’t her only interest. Weeks also enjoys going to the beach with friends and reading in her free time. Out of all the numerous sports she has participated in, volleyball has been said to be her favorite. Volleyball opened up doors to family and friends.

Georgia’s younger sister Iyla shares that “When I think of my sister Georgia, I think of how brave, smart, and generous she is. Even though she may not be smart at times, she is the most intelligent person I know. Always thinking of others and she always makes people around her filled with joy and laughter. I have made so many memories with her. Looking back, I’m really going to miss those spontaneous movies and music videos that we make, the photoshoots we do in our backyard, and getting frustrated when I try to teach her a new skill. But most of all, I’m going to miss those late nights we spend talking and just laughing about the dumbest stuff no one understands. After 14 years of having her by my side, it’s sad to let her go. Although, our story isn’t over, and  I’m excited to make many more memories.”

Weeks has gathered tons of unforgettable memories.  She shares that “my favorite memories from high school would be sports because of all the friendships I made from them and also being a part of school student sections; it’s so fun cheering your school on with everyone. Another fav memory would be homecoming and snow coming this year. This year the spirit weeks were super fun, and it was really enjoyable to be a part of the planning process of Homecoming and Snowcoming.

Her message to the underclassmen is “don’t try to grow up too fast; enjoy where you are now because it goes by faster than you think.” Good luck at Central. Don’t forget to stand out. You are going to be missed!