Concord mathematicians put their brains to work


Madisyn Barrett, Staff Writer

Last Friday Concord High School’s freshman and sophomore class competed at the Albion Moore Math Marathon. Concord was ready to compete by bringing four teams: the Mathemagicians, Four Mathsketeers, Vector Vanquishers, and the Number Ninjas. splitting them up into the small and big school divisions.

There were three activities overall: an individual test, a team competition, and a scavenger hunt where you had to solve questions to get the next clue all around campus. After the team competition, everyone took a lunch break which consisted of hotdogs, chips, cookies, lemonade, and water. Before the scavenger hunt, all schools had a break to chill and hang out. During this time the Concord teams came around and played two big games of spoons with other schools joining in to play.

The winning Concord team, the 4 Mathsketeers, consisted of Riley Adams, Danni Fritz, Drew Uncapher, and Madisyn Barrett who placed 3rd for the small school division bringing home a plaque. They were led by Ms. Fields.  

After the competition, Mrs. Reed expresses, “This was the first time Concord has ever participated in this event and certainly not the last. I am extremely proud of the effort, engagement, and fortitude of this group of students. I could not have been happier with the day. It is important that we work as a school and community to empower and develop confidence in our students around mathematics. Everyone put in an amazing effort and had great attitudes throughout the day. It was an overall awesome experience and I am so glad we were able to take as many students as we did.”

After the competition, the four teams stopped at Sattler’s Tasty Treat for ice cream to celebrate before coming back to the school. Overall Concord had a great time at this event and cannot wait to do it again next year.