Shark Tank!


Savanah Church

Judges listen to a pitch during the Shark Tank competition.

Savanah Church, Staff Writer

For the people who have never heard of Shark Tank, it is a tv show where a group of rich business investors meets with small business owners who are looking to get more money and expand. Obviously, the students in Economics can’t really meet those people for this assignment, so the chairs are filled with staff members from our school. It included Coach Gill, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Hutchinson, and Ms. Price who each invested in at least one proposal, if not more.

Mr. Clark hosts the presentation and has been doing it for “four or five school years.” He really enjoys these assignments because it amazes him how ” students meet high expectations,” and “how unexpected” their ideas can be. On top of being fun for students and the staff involved, it is also a great learning experience because it helps them “study entrepreneurship through real-life experience.”

Layla Hellard and her partners presented the idea of “Blanket Trousers.” The idea behind it was not having “big enough blankets for people with long legs,” so their invention gets rid of that problem. Besides, “who doesn’t want comfy pants?” Of the four sharks, Coach Gill and Mrs. Clark were the only two that wanted to invest. The group ended up choosing Mrs. Clark because “she had a better offer” that was more appealing to them.

Overall, the presentations went really well, and the students who presented should feel proud of their inventions. Thank you to the staff who took time out of their busy days to be a part of the learning experience of Mr. Clark’s economics class!