Prom 2022


Rylee Sinden, Madisyn Barrett, Staff Writer

Lights flashing, music blasting, everyone dancing. This was how Prom of 2022 was last Saturday night and will most definitely be a night to remember. The junior class selected the theme of masquerade and a few wore different and unique masks, which added to the fun. 

The juniors worked hard to make prom possible with numerous types of fundraisers. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the junior class adviser, Ms. Kelly. The junior class dedicated countless hours to make this prom truly memorable. 

This year, a new element was added to prom. Drawings were done throughout the night for many different prizes. They ranged from five-dollar Biggby cards to a thirty-two-inch smart TV. Maddy Connelly won the TV: “While I was at prom, living it up with my besties, I won a 32′ smart TV! I am so excited because now it is one less thing for college I have to get! I am very grateful.” Maddy also had a great time at prom. “Overall prom was really fun, it was my first and last. I felt like a princess with my best friends and danced the night away without a care in the world! The junior class did a great job! Thank you for the memories!” 

Valedictorian Jonathan Mikovits shares his prom experience this year. Mikovits explains, I think this year’s prom was wonderfully arranged, and I’ll always remember how cold the ice water was.” 

Junior Sam Kessman helped plan prom this year, dedicating a lot of time. “It went really well, planning it was one thing then seeing our vision come to life was pretty cool. The music was good, and we had a lot of fun.” 

This year’s prom was so fun and eventful and leaves everyone on their toes with one question: What will be next year’s theme?