Senior Spotlight: Paityn Deforest


Rylee Sinden, Staff Writer

This week, we focus on Paityn Deforest. Paityn’s friends would describe her as kind, caring, and positive. She brings such uplifting energy to our school, which is why we’re honored to shine our senior spotlight on her this week. 

Paityn has wanted to be a part of the fashion industry for a couple of years now. She explains her pathway to this goal: “I plan on attending Central Michigan University to go into Fashion Marketing and Design.” Although she hasn’t fully decided what career she exactly wants, Deforest knows she wants to play a role in that industry.  “I love crazy fashion, and one day I want to help create it,” she explains. It is noticeable that Paityn is really interested in this, and it reflects in what she does in her daily life. It even reflects on her bucket list for the future: “[The most ambitious thing on my bucket list is] wanting to travel to Italy or attend a New York Fashion Week,” Deforest explains. Paityn really takes pride in what she wants her future to look like. We all believe that Paityn is going to make a large impact in whatever career path she chooses.

Paityn has always been close with her grandma. When Deforest moved back to Concord in sixth grade, they became a lot closer and have been inseparable since. “The biggest influence in my life is my grandma. She has helped raise me into the person I am today, and she has taught me to be an independent and strong woman,” she explains. “She truly is like my best friend.” 

Outside of school work, Paityn participates in NHS, Student Council, the Puppy Protectors, volleyball, and runs a women’s product drive at the school. “In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, traveling, taking pictures,…going to concerts, [and also] enjoy advocating for human rights!”

Kayla Miller, one of her closest friends, explains the impact Paityn has made in her life. “Paityn has been my best friend for years now. She is always so optimistic when needed and can always know how to make me feel better. She has helped me grow and has always shown me that it is okay to work for what you want. I love Paityn so much and hope that she goes so far in her future!”

Mrs. O has had Paityn as a student for two years and is going to miss her when she leaves for college. “It has been an absolute honor to see Paityn grow and blossom over the last four years. She is an amazing person, leader, and friend, and I am so incredibly proud of her and the person she has become. I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things she is going to accomplish in the future! Fire up Chips!”

Although it is exciting to leave high school to start a new chapter in life, it’s sad leaving what one is used to. Paityn explains her favorite high school memory. “My favorite high school memory would probably be homecoming this year because it was very memorable and fun!” She also explains her favorite part of high school. “My favorite part of high school has been creating new relationships with people that mean so much to me now,” she says.

Paityn wants to leave all upcoming freshmen with a piece of advice. “I would tell upcoming freshmen to just enjoy the little moments in life because they matter the most and to just be kind to everyone,” she says. We wish Paityn the best of luck in all her future endeavors.