New traditions are being formed at CHS

“Making memories together one last time”


Georgia Weeks, Staff Writer

New traditions are being formed here at CHS. This past week seniors Rylee Weeks and Haldey Kettwich planned a seniors-only spirit week. The idea behind this was to give seniors one last fun week before they all leave. 

Monday was locker decorating. Seniors were given an hour off of class to decorate their locker with anything they wanted. Pictures, stickers, gems, etc. Some people put their favorite pictures of them with their friends on their lockers. Others put pictures of their favorite shows, characters, and songs. Looking at all the finished lockers was delightful. It brightens up the senior hallway with memories and color. 

Day two was off-campus lunch. All seniors were given the chance to leave for an hour to get lunch from anywhere they wanted. Some went to McDonald’s, some got pizza, and some went to local restaurants. This was refreshing being able to go eat a yummy lunch with friends. 

Day three was movie day in the media center. The movie chosen was Grown-Ups. Rylee and Hadley opened up the media center and moved all the couches together to give it the movie theatre feel. Everyone laughed and enjoyed the movie while munching on some buttery popcorn. 

Day four was game day. Seniors were given the second half of the day off to go to the gym and relax, play games, shoot around, etc. Music was playing, and everyone was having a good time playing card games, meme games, and volleyball. On this day seniors were also supposed to wear a shirt representing where they are going to college next year. 

The last day was senior sunset. All seniors came to the football field to hang out and watch the sunset. Pizza and water was provided, along with games like corn hole and spike ball. It was a good time and a great way to end the week. Kettwich and Weeks both state that “we put this together hoping we could all make memories together one last time.” This will always be a week to remember thanks to these two seniors.