Softball: review of last week’s games


Riley Adams pitches perfect strike to opposing batter

Savanah Church, Staff Writer

Thursday’s game marked the fifth doubleheader of the season! The girls played hard against Hillsdale and were aggressive in their performance on both fielding and hitting. There were some exciting moments throughout the game, and although it started out a little bit rough for the team, they shook their nerves off and held their own, winning their first game of the season. Maddi Barrett says, “in our game against Hillsdale, our strongest point was definitely our batting.” Throughout the whole game, there weren’t many errors, and almost everyone on the starting team had some great hits.

Friday’s game against Bronson was originally scheduled for last Tuesday but was rescheduled due to the weather. Although the girls lost both games against them, there were some great plays in the infield and outfield. “Our fielding was probably our most improved area in that game,” says Barrett. Riley Adams and Iyla Weeks threw some great pitches to the opposing team, making their strikeout rate fairly high.

Mr. Buck, the softball coach, thinks that the game against Hillsdale “started off well in the first game, but there were a few errors in the second one” that “set them back.” Last week was packed full of games, for both JV and Varsity. so let’s all cheer on our Concord Yellow Jacket softball team and motivate them to fight off their exhaustion and play their best.