Fear the sting of our varsity softball girls!

Run Hard, Turn Left


Georgia Weeks, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, balls are being thrown, dingers are being hit, and sliding burns are starting to appear. The spring sports seasons have officially begun, with the Varsity girls’ softball team having their first game of the season Tuesday, April 5th, against East Jackson. 

Starting the first game off with a strong lineup, first year coach Jesse Buck played Karlee Gamet at shortstop with Jayden Householder on the other side playing second. Freshman Hannah Stimer was at third base, Kylee Weston played center field, and of course Madisyn Barrett set the pace of the game at the pitching mound. Gamet came in to pitch halfway through the first game with an astonishing amount of speed and power. 

Every time it came their turn to bat, the potential of their batting this season really shone through. Gamet hitting it to the green every time up to bat and also having an RBI. Along with Stimer also having an RBI. Being a freshman on varsity Stimer says the first game jitters were difficult to get over, but as the game went on they went away. “It was nice to see my team work together. Throughout the game. we continued to get better and more acclimated to the game.” Iyla Weeks and Mariell Bommarito both made great contact with the ball pushing it to second base. 

Although the night didn’t go the way the girls had hoped, they played their hardest. What stood out was the constant support the girls gave each other. Whether it was cheering on their teammate who was up to bat or hyping up whoever was pitching at the time. The constant support extends to the parents and spectators who were cheering them on from beginning to end. 

These girls have so much talent, and there is great potential for them to have a successful season. If you would like to support these talented girls, come to their next home game, Thursday, April 14th at 4 P.M.