It’s not too late!

Seniors: apply for scholarships now.

Savanah Church, Staff Writer

Scholarships are a super important part of going to college, no matter where or what college a student plans on going to. Scholarships can cover everything from room and board to full coverage for each year attended. Mrs. Otto has been kind enough to put numerous scholarship opportunities in 2022 Google Classroom.

Scholarships are almost always a necessity when going to college, especially when going to a popular university with high tuition. It is rare that students are able to pay out of pocket with their own money, even if they have help from family members, so scholarships are beneficial to reducing the student’s cost of college.

They can also help manage the amount of money they have to take out in student loans. Student loans are money that is borrowed from lenders that go directly into college expenses. These have to be paid back at specific times, plus interest, so having a scholarship will make the future debt relating to college lower.

Maddy Connelly plans on going to college right after high school, and says, ” I have applied to about eight scholarships, but haven’t gotten any yet.” The highest she applied for was 5,000 dollars. She thinks they are important because “it gives less fortunate people more of an opportunity for their future.” It can be “easy money to get” as well. Scholarships will help her parents “not have to stress so much about paying for college,” and help her “get rid of some possible debt.”

Remember not to stress too much about paying for college. There are so many great opportunities for people who are having difficulty paying, so please check the 2022 Google Classroom frequently for updated lists of scholarships.