Staff Spotlight: Coach Buck


Madisyn Barrett, Staff Writer

This week our teacher spotlight shines on the famous Coach Buck. He is our Algebra I, Algebra II, and Senior Math teacher, but does the school really know Buck’s story?

Buck, who had originally wanted to be an engineer due to how much he enjoys math, decided that being a teacher would be the better option. After his first day as a student-teacher, he knew that was what God wanted him to do and fell in love with it quickly.

Buck has been teaching for 9 years now and has taught at a couple of different schools throughout those years. He says, “I have taught at several other schools. I began my teaching career at Starr commonwealth working primarily with kids with a diagnosis of Autism (ASD). From there, I moved to North Carolina and taught at a school called West Roman. I loved teaching there; it has the same feel as Concord, but we had 1200 students in the high school. After moving back to Michigan, I taught at Starr again, but this time I was working with at-risk youth. I also loved this job because it opened my eyes as to how some students have so many obstacles they need to overcome to be successful. I left Starr to come and work at Concord where I plan to stay for a long time.” Buck is a really passionate teacher here, and we hope he continues his teaching career at CHS.

Sophomore Tyzjohn Allen has known Buck for a couple of years now and has made multiple memories with him, most  on the football field. Allen explains that “he’s been like a father figure to me for plenty of years, and I couldn’t ask for a better person to look up to. He keeps me straight and makes sure I’m always doing the right thing. He truly is awesome.”  Buck has been there for TJ when he needed him, and that is just one person that Buck has impacted. When asked, “What are some words that can be used to describe him?” TJ responded with, “awesome, cool, outgoing, caring, supportive, and plenty more describe how great of a person, coach, teacher, and role model he is.”

Although we all know Buck as a teacher, softball and football coach, do we really know what he does in his free time? Buck is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. He loves being in the great outdoors and experiencing God through nature. He not only worships God through nature but also through church. He says, “I am active in my church teaching  Jr Church (kids church) and active in my men’s group where we meet every week and talk about God and we try to find ways to help in our community. I am also getting into teaching adult Sunday school at my church.” Buck loves connecting with God in any way possible.

Mr.Reiniche has known Buck for about four years now and says, “Having a classroom next to him is very fun and entertaining. We help each other out if needed. We are able to support each others’ students and have established a good relationship.” Reiniche also mentions that “Mr. Buck has brought energy and enthusiasm to Concord, both as a teacher and a coach. It is very obvious that he cares about all students and would do anything to help them. He is also very positive.”

As people can tell Buck is a major role model at Concord and will always be there for someone if they are in need.