Concord Vs Quincy


Georgia Weeks , Staff Writer

Friday night the Concord boys basketball team played Quincy for the second time this season. Varsity boys played hard and pulled a second win against them, the final score being 56-31. Leading the game in points was Mekhi Wingfield with 22. Hitting four from beyond the arc was Isaac Waldron,bringing in another 14 points. Graeley Sprague is not far behind him with 10 points. Omarion Culliver with 5 points, Alex Grundeman hitting a 3 pointer, and Anthony Evans making both of his free throws, giving them 2 more points.

At the beginning of the game the boys had a rough start only making 3 points in the first quarter, and 18 points in the first half. After half time the boys started playing more aggressively and making their shots. 

For games like these, you really need support and cheering from the audience. Fortunately, for the student section, that’s no problem. The student section theme for this game was ESPN. There was an ESPN table with announcers in ties, and the rest of the students wore all black. They cheered all night and encouraged the boys to victory. 

Another thank you goes out to the band who started this night out with the playing of our national anthem. They did a great job playing songs during time-outs and keeping the audience engaged. They would play the fight song during time outs, and everyone would clap along.

If this night couldn’t get any more eventful, during the halftime of the boys’ game was competitive cheerleading senior night. The two seniors that were honored were Rylee Weeks and Georgia Weeks. Their coach, Mrs. Sigman was very excited and had great things to say about them. 

This night was enjoyable. Thanks to the boys for playing so hard and always making the games entertaining to watch. Thanks again to the band and student section for keeping the spirits high, and thanks to the spectators for always supporting our boys.