Lady Jackets Varsity gain the W vs. Quincy

Emma Curry, Staff Writer

Girls JV and Varsity went against Quincy Thursday night. Both teams worked really hard, but JV’s ending score was 21-46 losing despite a determined effort. Varsity secured a win with an ending score of 45-40 beat Quincy.

Our JV player Kaitlyn Inman mentioned before the game, “We’re still in this, just don’t give up.” After the game was officially done Kaitlyn mentioned, “I play basketball not only because I have a passion for the sport I play because of my team they’re my family.”  Once again proving that basketball isn’t just a game, but it’s a way to bring people close together. 

 JV player Sidney Marshall mentioned after the game, “Yea we lost, but we tried really hard and had good defense.” Even though they lost, they did a good job on defense and passing the ball. At one point during quarter two, Marshall shouted, “Work hard: do your part” to let her teammates know to stay organized. “I don’t play basketball just for fun. When you have a team like ours, it’s like an escape, and it feels just like family.” 

Our JV player Ella Woolworth comments to her teammates and says, “You did so good,” to cheer her teammates on individually. She even commented at one point to a teammate that was upset and said, “As long as you have fun, that’s all that matters.” After her game Ella says, “I like to stay positive. Even though we lost, it was still really fun, because we were really supportive of each other, and played well as a team.” 

Varsity player Jamiya Rogers mentions to her teammates that “we keep pushing, we don’t stop until that time buzzer.” She truly is an amazing captain for the Varsity team. Jamiya also says that the reason she plays basketball is that “it’s a get away from the world.” At the end of her game, she was happy they won and replies, “It was an amazing feeling to come out with a dub from a close game.” 

Our Varsity player Karlee Gamet tells her teammates, “Keep shooting and don’t get in your head; we’re here to have fun.” She shows kindness on the court and cheers on the bleachers. “I play basketball to make connections with people. I love my teamft.” After that close game and all that hard work, Karlee explains that “last night’s game was very exciting! We had some ups and downs, but I think it was a good game to play and to watch.

Basketball at Concord High School isn’t just a game to our students; it’s a sport that brings people together.  Varsity had a close game and won in the end. They worked hard the whole time until Quincy started to realize what they were really up against. At one point Quincy edged one point ahead of Concord, but that didn’t stop our Yellow Jackets. They pushed through hard and ended up with the scoreboard being 45-40.  What people saw last night was the true meaning of friendship, family, and even leadership.